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Patriots release Brandon Spikes

Mr. P

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Police in Massachusetts found an abandoned 2011 Maybach registered to linebacker Brandon Spikes on I-495 early Sunday morning, which has reportedly led them to reach out to Spikes to see why his car was left on the highway.

According to the car’s OnStar system, the driver reported hitting a deer before taking leave of his vehicle. No deer was found near the car, but another car reported being rear-ended on the same stretch of highway and the Massachusetts state police is trying to sort out exactly what happened.

The Patriots aren’t waiting for the mystery to unfold to make their call on Spikes’s future with the team. The team announced Monday morning that Spikes has been released.

That makes for a short second tour of duty with the Patriots for Spikes, who returned with the team recently after spending last season in Buffalo. He was going to be in the mix for work at linebacker, but the Patriots should be just fine at the position as long as Jerod Mayo and Dont’a Hightower are fully healthy in time for September.



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I'd take him in a second.


IF he's cleared of the legal troubles that would surround a hit & run that sent people to a hospital. Given the Patriots released him before any facts were unearthed...I have to wonder what Spikes told them.

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He is a run-only linebacker. We have those already. Plus... this incident looks pretty damning for him. I suppose there could be a coincidence here, but, come on... you hit a deer? Sustained that kind of damage... and no evidence of dead or even injured deer?


I think Mr. Spikes has some 'splainin' to do and this is pretty bad judgement on his part. Maybe he was under the influence.

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