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Medical Marijuana Factor for the 49ers great Health


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You guys think this helps them stay healthy?


They had the healthiest team in NFL history last year and tomorrow there's only 1 guy on there injury report and that's Brandon Jacobs who is questionable.


You think them being able to legally smoke medical weed for muscle spasms, back ache, insomnia, headaches etc help them stay healthy?


Interesting thoughts.


Chargers, Raiders and Broncos also live in states that prescribe marijuana for minor ailments.

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I'm pretty sure players/teams are not allowed to use 'medical' marijuana regardless of the state law. If they could, legally prescribed Aderall wouldn't keep getting players suspended.


Ding Ding

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Tyler Sash just got off a 4 game suspension for Adderall, and Will Hill was just suspended last week:


Hill apologized to Giants fans for his actions.

"I received a doctor's prescription for Adderall prior to signing with the Giants," Hill said. "Shortly after signing with the team, I was in a meeting with (director of player development) Charles Way, who reviewed the list of the league's banned substances. I knew at that point that this may be an issue.

"I was tested and the results came back that Adderall was in my system. I appealed but lost the appeal. I accept full responsibility for this situation, and it won't happen again. The Giants have given me a great opportunity when nobody else would, and I don't take that for granted. I feel badly this has happened. I will work hard and stay in great shape these next four weeks so I can come back and contribute to this team after my suspension."




No way anyone is getting away with weed.

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But hgh is not a problem. :!



As I stated in another thread drug testing is a joke. Just like in the Olympics only low hanging fruit gets caught. The high end good stuff never seems to be an issue. Apparently the NFL is full of players only using prescribed medication and weight loss substances. <_<

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