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Denver Broncos


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Older QBs do not travel well......Peyton is off to a rough start. What QB has made a late career change and won a SB?


Yes they probably would have had a better shot at the playoffs with Tebow but whats done is done


I'm sure we will see Tebow playing real QB for the Jets soon


What is remarkable is how resilent our team is.......th eJets are acting the like the world has come to an end because they lost one CB.


We lose them all the time and just keep chugging along

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Yeah thats a laugh RIOT Alice........Denver has brought bad karma on themselves.......God's not in their corner anymore

no, God's not mad at Denver.

God still has plans for Tebow.

Denver didn't want him, NY did.

When God closes a door, He opens a window.

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