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Brandon Jacobs


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He ran like a 265 lb pussy.


Ahmad Bradshaw is by FAR the toughest RB on the Giants.


I mean sure, Jacobs was hurt last year and wasn't 100% but seriously Jacobs you haven't earned shit yet. You were given the starting job when Tiki left and you showed signs of a good RB, but after his pay day he acts like he isnt in any trouble of losing his starting job. Got news for ya Brandon, if your not running 100% and costing the team yards you put your ego aside and tell the coaches to start someone who is effective.


Dont get me wrong I still like Jacobs as a player, has alot of energy/passion on the field and I want us to keep him as a short yardage/change of pace guy until his contract is up but come on Jacobs you haven't earned shit after last year.

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He better be feeling the pressure, we're talking about a guy who rushed for over 200 yards less than in 2008...and he had 5 more carries in 2009 (which was supposed to already be his breakout year)

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