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What do you think the changes will be after the bye?


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lol, we will definitely not be speeding up the offense...Eli likes making 20 changes before the balls snapped, allowing them to tee off on the snap count. That won't change until Eli realizes he can't be Peyton.

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1. More Clint, especially on blitzes.


2. "Four Aces" package with Canty on the outside and Osi as a linebacker.


3. Nickel packages on first and second down, or possibly moving a corner to safety.


4. Jacobs running plays that Jacobs usually runs and Danny Ware taking the "Derrick Ward" plays. In fact, I expect to see a lot of Ware in the upcoming weeks (or a lot more than we've seen to this point, at least).


5. Hakeem "Velcro" Nicks gets an almost even split with Mario "Butterfingers" Manningham.


6. Ramses Barden is active, Sinorice Moss is not.

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I dunno, I heard someone sliced his hamstring in half...jesus christ how long can one stay injured from a hamstring pull.



when its more like a tear bro...the Giants are notorious for downplaying injuries. And some people just have tight hams...I do. It only rears its head if I do doggie style for too long...let her do the work anyway ain't young no more... :smartass:

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