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Wang out for season and probably some of next season


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I feel really bad for Wang, shoulder surgery is never good...ask Mark Prior. Could his foot injury have lead to Wang changing his mechanics and in doing so injuring his shoulder? I dont know for sure, but its a possibility.


Poor guy was 45-15 with a good ERA over 2 and a half seasons and now he might never pitch again.


Needless to say, Cashman is going to have some work to do this offseason....and possibly at the trade deadline.

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Wang won't be back next year. His contract is up but is arbitration-available or whatever the term is.

theyre not going to cut him. Arbitration is in the yankees favor this time around so he wont get a lot of money. He is a FA after the 2010 season.

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Carl Pavano II



Lets cut our losses and look for something in free agency, though after what Cashman pulled this season, I wont hold my breath.


Carl Pavano?? the guy was 54-10 from 2005 to half of 2008.. posted 19 win season twice.. he wasn't getting paid top dollar, why are you labeling him to that thief(pavano)??

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