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Strahan comments on leadership in NFL locker rooms

Michael Strahan joined Dan from Mexico, where he is on a mini-break, to discuss the Super Bowl. Here are some of Strahan's takes:


-- Strahan said that some players are born leaders. It's just there. Other guys have it in them but don't use those skills because they're not necessary. In Dallas, a leader could easily feel overwhelmed.


-- Strahan said he could go into that Cowboys locker room, and tell everyone, "Look, I've done it." That's all that matters. Dan asked Strahan what he would tell Terrell Owens. "I don't care what you've done as an individual," Stahan said. "What have you done that I haven't done." But here's the key ... I've won a Super Bowl, you haven't.


-- Strahan said he would love to pick the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl, but he just can't. "All logic is telling me to go the other way," Strahan said.


-- Strahan said the last game of the 2007 season gave the Giants confidence before the Super Bowl.


-- Strahan said that he would take a chance on Michael Vick. Why not? He's a lot better than other quarterbacks in the NFL. But Strahan said he would have to make sure Vick was a different person.


-- Strahan says the bottom line is that steroids is cheating. There are no exceptions. He says you don't even need that stuff, because there are enough legal supplements that can help your body.



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Owens has won a SB. To be honest it'd be very hard to put TO in his place because his good and a future HOFer. He practises and plays hard but it's his attitude that's the problem and mostly because he hates losing.


bin drinking early wolf ? .......utter nonsense


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Interested in seeing who will give T.O.'s eventual HOF introductions speech. He has seemed to burn his bridges across the whole league. I don't know who would be willing to stand up and write some kind words for the guy.


Deion Sanders would. He'll support any asshole. Birds of a feather...


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