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OK Fast forward to 2009 ,


Week 3 we are 1-2 Eli goes down with a knee injury after many attempts to get back on the field after week 7 we have to IR him .

Carr has preformed brilliantly crisp throws, commands the offense, green zone efficiency is better than it has been in years. Carr is Mobile can run it if need be. we go deep into the playoffs and maybe win the Superbowl.


Now its 2010 Eli's contract year. We have invested in him for 6 years, Carr comes on the scene and out played him. What do we do?

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Fast forward to 2009.


We loose Gil and Spags to other teams yet we fill the positions with people everyone is happy with. We dump Plax because of the NY mayor dude there is more concerned about a sports star then a father who beats their wife and child to death. We draft some high round WR in the first by trading picks.


We go 2-14 the team is in complete chaos because we lost to much continuity in the off season and lets face it the Patriots we're a one time team who can loose all their top name players but still win.


What do we do? I say we sign Jesse Palmer back.

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I just wish Eli had gotten his "wtf" game out of the way during the season like he did last year in Minneapolis, rather than waiting until the playoffs.



Maybe we should have let him play the whole game there, rather than bringing in Carr.

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