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Papa to do play-by-play for NFL Network


NEW YORK (AP) -- Bob Papa, the radio play-by-play voice of the New York Giants for the past 13 seasons, will replace Bryant Gumbel as the announcer for the NFL Network's eight Thursday night games.


Papa will team with Cris Collinsworth to do the games, which had been handled by Gumbel for the first two seasons of live games on the NFL's television outlet. Gumbel, primarily a studio anchor over his long and diverse career, stepped down after last season after mostly unfavorable critical reviews.


Papa, who will continue his duties with the Giants, will make his debut with Collinsworth on Nov. 6, when Cleveland hosts Denver in the first game of the third season of NFL Network games.


"Being the new play-by-play voice on prime-time national NFL games after announcing one of the most exciting games in NFL history, Super Bowl 42, it doesn't get much better than that," said Papa, who also did play-by-play on NFL Europe/Europa for the NFL Network.


Papa also hosts "NFL Opening Drive" on Sirius NFL Radio. He is a graduate of Fordham University and has done numerous other sports shows, mostly in the New York area.


Congrats Bob, you deserve this job. I just wish I could get NFL Network.

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You know, I always knew Bob Papa was good. But I never realized HOW good he was until I got a Sirius radio and had a chance to listen to all the other guys. I'd be on the Giants station and Papa would tell me the formation, what Eli was doing pre-snap, who was in motion in what direction, the snap, where Eli was looking, who was open, the pass, the completion, and the yard line.


I'd flip over to the Eagles station... the next play would have the snap, the play, and sometimes the yard line.


Not just that, but his commentary (which is usually pretty sparse) is always spot-on. There's never been a time where I've been listening to Papa and said to myself, "what the hell game is HE watching?"


We're really lucky as Giant fans... we've got THE BEST guy doing our play-by-play.

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Costas makes me want to throw the TV out the window. Gumbel I am neutral on....but I never listen to the TV feed anyway. Always the Giants feed with Bob Papa and crew (usually Carl Banks is there for color as well) on the WFAN. Have not graduated to Sirius Radio yet but when I do, its good to know that Papa is there.

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