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Aaron Heilman Man-Love Thread

Blue Jeans

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I think if we show Mr. Heilman some man-love he'll turn around and be good.


But, honestly, you always have to be patient with Heilman because he starts out shitty like he is now but as the season goes on and he tires out his off-speed pitches are always nastier. We just have to keep pitching him.



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With every grandslam homerun he gives up, my ability to give him man love diminishes. I have no love left for the guy. He should not come in any close game. I thought this team's greatest weakness was it's lack of power, but clearly, it's the bullpen. They should've traded Heilman when they had the chance. Nobody is going to want that bum now.

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I wonder if he could be sent down to the minors to work things out, his mechanics are out of whack and he has no trust in his pitches right now.

I don't think he can be sent down, but what the hell is Rick Peterson up to? Doesn't he watch and work with them daily. Maybe Aaron just isn't executing what Rick is telling him to do.

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