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I cannot believe I am about top type this, but Corey Webster had the game of his life today. IF he can play like this he deserves to be a starter.... the last three seasons suggests otherwise....... but he did shut down Galloway


He certainly did. He played great today. Made it look easy. He'll have a tougher task next week with healthy receivers though.

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Getting back to Webster, he shadowed Galloway on some deep routes where he was just right there. Here's one of the fastest WRs in the NFL (still) and Webster was with him all the way. I thought the secondary as a unit had their best game of the season and we will need the same effort from them in Dallas next week. If we get it, we are going to the NFC title game.

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Strahan should have signed his fortune away to that delicious piece right there. Not that hag bitch he was so in love with. ;)

TBC, I don't think Strahan is complaining too much these days.




The face isn't tremendous or anything, but the body is killer.

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