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Watch the Jets or Giants in Person, Then Go to the Strip Club or Porn Store

Posted Jun 24th 2007 9:09AM by Dan Benton

Filed under: Jets, NY Giants, NFL Fans, NFL Gossip, NFL Rumors, New York


There's nothing better than bringing your children to their first Giants or Jets game on a beautiful summer afternoon. That is of course, until they get bored and proceed to make your life a living hell.


After spending three or four hours with screaming children who embarrass you in front of 80,000 fans, you will soon be able to unwind across the street from Giants Stadium. Simply drop the kids off at the car and head on over to the strip club or porn store!


Sounds like a lousy ad campaign, doesn't it? Sadly, most New York and New Jersey residents will probably be hearing something very similar to that shortly. According to a Newsday report, East Rutherford has introduced an ordinance that will give the Giants and Jets some new neighbors.


The paperwork states that an all new "adult entertainment zone" will be opened up right across the way from the Meadowland Sports Complex. This "zone" will include strip clubs, tattoo parlors, massage parlors and a variety of porn stores.


So what's the reason for that opening up next to Giants Stadium? Mayor James Cassella didn't want them opening up near schools, homes or anywhere children frequent.


Right. Because children certainly don't attend any Giants or Jets games.



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