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  1. I think Judge is staying, maybe Garrett is on the chopping block, but this team has been outmatched in just about every game and has been competitive in almost every game. I don't know much about the crop of QBs other than Lawrence, I would be sad if we drafted him, but I'm rolling with DJ. The turnovers need to stop, but given a competent line I don't see how anyoen really believes he hasn't shown that he can play at a pretty high level.
  2. I was fairly drunk pretty early on in the game, but I was pleased with a lot of aspects. The running game looks competent, the defense looks competent. 2nd year qb behind a shit oline, but I dunno, maybe its being too optimistic, but I can see things coming together. Plus, some creativity on offense and willingness to not play "not to lose" ...I can see this team rattling off a few wins as they grow. The line still needs a lot of work, and that getting pretty fucking tiring to say every year, but I think there are pieces there now that will be contributors.
  3. I'm pretty encouraged by this game. Giants played aggressive and creative. Had some things going in the running game, Jones looks like the lights are coming on, and how about Gano nailing 3 kicks from over 50 and all of his kicks straight down the middle with yards to spare. Thomas got handled by Lawrence today though, at least in the first half. But all in all, I feel like this team, other than the 49ers game, is going in the right direction. I think Judge is the right coach and while they won't be contnders this year, I think it's coming
  4. I feel I'm hit or miss on QBs. I was a huge Rosen promoter, but I also really wanted Josh Allen and Justin Hebert, who look to be on the cusp of greatness. Probably good I'm nt employed by the NFL in any capacityl
  5. I don't know, the baseball season managed to get through some early season struggles with it. Of course that was during the summer and we're entering the 2nd wave I think. Just can't believe they aren't taking more active approaches to on field play to keep it from spreading. Whatever happened to that special facemask that was being developed?
  6. I didn't watch much of the game, but while the offense was pitiful, the defense looked wholly unprepared to stop and backup QB. What is this, the 90s / 2000s?
  7. I think DJ will be fine, and I'm not an expert, but to me it looks like he has zer feel for pressure / lacks pocket awareness.
  8. Yeah, looks like the pass rush will be okay to good, but not seeing a lot of other redeeming factors so far.
  9. Dumb question, did Saquon hurt the same knee last year?
  10. Jordan Raanan ESPN Staff Writer From Tiki Barber (Tiki and Tierney/CBS Sports Radio), who knows a little something about being an all-around back: "Saquon Barkley might not be an every down back. He cannot pass protect. It's becoming glaring... and it's going to be a liability... Recognition is one and (two), you gotta go hit a dude. Saquon Barkley is a big man who doesn't want to hit anybody. It's frustrating to watch. He's a great back, but he's frustrating to watch trying to pass protect."
  11. Since the Reddit links are gone, I had to look and found sportsurge.net Working well so far.
  12. My point was this didn't live up to the rumors. Its bad and I'm not saying it isn't, but I literally saw tweets that Snyder was pimping cheerleaders out by taking away their passports in foreign countries and other shit like that. I didn't read the actual article, just another article about the article, but it was talking about looking up women's skirts and shit like that. Maybe there is more, and that's bad, but I doubt that kind of stuff is limited to the Redskins.
  13. So 15 women claim sexual harassment, not to make light of the issue, but this wasn't the bombshell I expected.
  14. I can't tell if the tweets are real or if this is all nothing? Apparently the Washington Post is about to release a "bombshell" story and I've seen tweets/posts ranging from Dan Snyder is an alcoholic that pays off NFL officials to pimping the cheerleaders to pedo shit. https://thespun.com/nfl/nfc-east/washington-redskins/washington-redskins-rumors-adam-schefter-details-beth-wilkinson-lawyer-bombshell-washington-post
  15. I don't think that was the Mara game. We kicked the shit out of the skins in the Mara game like 35 to 7 or some shit, but Tiki's final year, it was like the 2nd to last game of the year and we were, if I remember correctly, fighting for a playoff spot with the Eagles the last week. Tiki single handedly won that game.
  16. I was big on hating Tiki for years, and he was definitely a jerk, but I can't help but feel bad for him. He wanted so bad to have what Strahan has now, and the media used him to get some controversy started, and Tiki didn't know better or wasn't a good enough man to not take the locker room to the media. But he's paid for his sins and more, and I wish he would have gotten a big gig now looking back, but of course wish he would have handled himself with more class. But when it comes to playing, that dude could ball. Fumbles aside, he was one of the greats of his generation and should probably be a hall of famer. If he would have played another year or two at the level he did his last 4 or 5 years, it'd be no question.
  17. Well, I don't know if I'm reading this exactly right, but Tiki is still the standard bearer for NYG running backs for me. All due respect to Joe Morris, who I didn't really see, and Hampton, who is still my favorite back.
  18. I was going to bring him up too, as far as players most missed. I wish he would have been around for the super bowl runs. The Tampa playoff game is when my Eagles fan roommate at the time fell in love with Bradshaw. I loved both Bradshaw and Jacobs, but Boohyah is right. The difference between the to was Bradshaw hit the line like he if would make a hole if one wasn't there. Jacobs waited for a hole to open and then wanted to punish safeties. Both were great in their own way, but I always felt Jacobs should have had a much bigger impact than he did, there were a lot of failed conversions on short yardage because he wouldn't just plow into the pile. He was a little bi-polar as a player, there were games when he played to his size, but a lot of games he tried to be Barry Sanders in the backfield.
  19. I know several players already have it, and apparently it has run through the Rangers front office pretty bad. I think they'll play about a month and it will get canceled.
  20. My only real complaint is the failure to address WR in either the draft or FA. At least one big target would have been nice.
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