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  1. This is really best case scenario for OC. Very happy with this hiring.
  2. I read one story that said it was mostly one guy who was going off on the cigars, another oe said"dude, it'll be okay" and he goes, basically, no, chief said they have to put them out. I dunno, just seemed like a lack of situational awareness.
  3. See the video of him smacking the cops ass? I saw the headline and thought it was a football player type ass slap running in the tunnel celebrating, but no, he straight smacked a cop who was giving the players shit. To be perfectly fair, sounds like the cops were straight cunts that night, threatending to arrest players for smoking cigars - sounds like they deserved to be smacked. But OBJ might be the dumbest human on earth, how did he think that was going to end? The cop wasn't going to press charge?
  4. It was, I guess it should be noted that Miami was trading away anyone who could play, but they were still bad by all measures.
  5. I don't really see Eli involved in football to a great extent after he retires. Maybe a high school coach.
  6. Just read Judge is talking to Kitchens about being on the offensive staff.
  7. Yeah, it may have been posted here how evidently Belichick warned McDaniels and Patricia not to come to NY due to ownership, think it was posted in the other thread. And just like you said, some pretty big name coaches and even up and coming / lesser known coaches are flat spurning the Giants. And ownership has already said they would be more involved in the operations of the team. The Giants, despite their record, have talent on the team and cap space and draft position to do damage this off-season, and are one of the more storied franchises playing in the biggest market. I mean even Dan Snyder got his guy right away. We might be entering some miserable years.
  8. I don't necessarily want someone who is offensive or defensive minded, I want a Head coach, a person in charge, not someone with a niche - a glorified offensive playcaller. By all reports, that appears to be Rhule. Don't know much about him, but he seems to be a god fit. The division is now full of coaches with a ton of success, the Giants aren't going to find someone with those resumes, so hopefully whoever it is is a leader, not a guy hand picked with the sole purpose of aiding in Jones' development.
  9. I was kinda pissed they picked a Duke qb 6th overall. I jumped on the bandwagon pretty quick, but I was pissed when the pick was made. I figured he had a shot at being a starting caliber qb some day due to his Manning conenction, but I also figured if he was going to be a starting caliber qb in the NFL, he would have went to a better football school. I'll happily eat all the crow/
  10. Hate to say there is no reason to rush him back, but unless the Giants are suddely playoff contenders, it's best to let this guy get 100% instead of a lingering injury become a long term issue.
  11. Damn I have not been that excited and into a game in a long time. Daniel Jones has big fucking balls.
  12. 13/19 150yds 1 td 1 int 35 yds rushing. Giants D plays inspired to keep it close, Saquon has 150+ yds. Giants lose 20-14
  13. I remember that 04 draft, I wanted the Giants to draft Eli so bad, I talked a lot about it to my brother in law. I was at home watching and when the Chargers drafted him I was pissed. I joined the Giants message board that November after lurking for a few months. That first year, Eli was fuckign abysmal, the Ravens game was a nightmare and that was probably the closest I was to thinking maybe he didn't have the Manning magic. Then he had a great game against, I think, the Steelers. Those playoff runs man, maybe Eli wasn't Payton where for a decade he was nearly perfect, but those two playoff runs were magic. And as much as he seemed to struggle the first few years, he had so many 4th quarter comebacks.
  14. Awesome, guess we'll run Barkley 9 times this game.
  15. Close, low scoring game. Both teams want to prioritize the run. 17-14 Giants.
  16. Rosen needs a year to sit back and catch his breath, learn the game, etc.
  17. If this were an isolated interview, the comments would be fine. And I get that he is going to be asked about the trade and the Giants the same way Tiki was used by the media, but its July, and this guy has not stopped talking shit about the Giants since being traded. Its JULY, he should be all in on the new team, the Giants shouldn't even be something he thinks about at this point, but every week there is a new headline on espn about OBJ talking shit about the Giants. I get he feels disrespected, but spare me. Great talent, but it is becoming clear why he was traded.
  18. If he wins a super bowl, I think he goes out on top like his brother. What better storybook ending would there be for that family? If he has an amazing year, like prop-bowl caliber 4,500 yards and 35 td's with single digit int's, I think they extend him a year and let Jones sit another year. But I think it'll be hard for Eli to have the kind of year statistically to win another year because the offense will go through Barkley.
  19. Looks good w/o pads. Excited that we have the opportuity to let the next franchise qb sit a year, hell, maybe two, and absorb. Eli's career may have taken off much sooner if Warner stayed in place the full year.
  20. This is the article I mentioned above. It has stayed with me for 5 years as a really big guy myself. "We see our futures, and they're not long ones. I'm 50, and I might feel it more deeply than he does. Nobody who's 65 looks like we do." http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/11382220/ex-nfl-qb-jared-lorenzen-lifelong-battle-weight
  21. There was an article on ESPN a few years ago when Jared was in the arena league. The author was a big guy himself and the article was about J-Load's size and came off as a plea for Jared to address his ballooning weight. One quote from the article that stuck with me essentially said "There aren't a lot of 350 pound 80 year olds running around". Get well JL.
  22. I get most of my news on the Giants from here and ESPN. I have only seen lots of praise for QB Jones in OTAs. Is anyone out there saying Jones has not shown himself to be worthy of the 6th pick in his work so far on the Giants squad? ESPN is pretty much filled with tweets and stuff saying his deep ball looks to be a strength, not a weakness, that he has looked great, that the coaches will have a tough choice between him and Eli week 1, etc. Is there a devil's advocate out there that has seen him in practices and drills who is still saying he was a huge mistake at 6th overall?
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