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  1. I dunno, I'm pretty encouraged after this game. I hope this is the true week in and week out Daniel Jones. And I hope the line that was out there in the 2nd half is here to stay. Defense needs to figure their shit out though. Jones has a definite preference for Sheppard though, maybe just the slot thing.
  2. Ojulari (not even attempting the spelling) had one early.
  3. Much different Jones tonight. He seems to understand he has very limited time to find the closest thing to an open man and get the ball out of his hands. It's caused some high throws, but you gott expect that. Like all of a sudden the concept of pocket awareness clicked, or maybe it's just he was told that he isn't going to have time to go through his reads, and he needs to scan for the most likely to be open based on the routes.
  4. Just don't think Jones is the guy. He's got the season to prove everyone wrong, but I have to imagine the Giants are taking a QB very early in the 1st rd next year. Golladay is as advertised though.
  5. Yeah I don't know shit about Santonso, but I have to imagine as a backup kicker he would have been cut. Getting a draft pick for him is really getting something.
  6. That was his knock right? Leg health? Probably gonna miss a few games a year. Just hoping it isn't s lingering thing that affects his skill set
  7. Lol, this quote just has that feel of something that will be meme'd for years. “This guy does a tremendous job in meetings,” Judge said, via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News. “He does a great job in walkthroughs...."
  8. Problem is this shit is so ingrained in the history of the sport, same with steroids, and is looked at so fondly in decades past that it is part of the culture and nostalgia of baseball, that MLB can't find the balance between saying "okay, we know this is going to happen here and there and it is fiun to occasionally see an umpire catch a guy with pine tar in his glove, or a nail file in his pocket - but then keeping it from becoming a part of every pitchers routine. Fuck the outrage culture of fans and media and put the ban hammer away. If you get caught, you serve a couple games suspension but it isn't taken too seriously. Same with roids and all the other shit, if a guy gets caught, he gets a brief suspension because he broke a rule, but lets stop pretending the game today is any different that 50 years ago. Guys cheat, cheating is part of the show, it's the pretending to be outraged by it that is less than 20 years old.
  9. I worry when guys completely change their body structure after getting into professional sports, especially skill motion guys like quarterbacks, pitchers, etc.
  10. I'm mostly kidding. But I would have the years of Aaron Rodgers at pretty much any price, if the rest of the team is playoff caliber.
  11. A part of me really wonders if the giants don't go after Rodgers. Maybe it was all in Gettys plans on draft night.
  12. Yeah Jones biggest problem is a lack of feel for pressure. He's just oblivious half the time that there is anyone around him. Some guys have that internal clock or eyes in the back of their head. Daniel hasn't developed that yet.
  13. Looking at various mock drafts and 4for4.com mocked Oijulari to us at 11. https://www.4for4.com/2021/preseason/2021-nfl-mock-draft
  14. I can remember a few years ago JoMo pissed we didn't draft that LB because we ignored the LB group for years, he went in the 4rd round to the bears and I think he's out of the league now. Me, I was all in on Clint Sintim several years ago in the 1st rd, we got him in the 2nd and he flamed out pretty much immediately.
  15. I'm really happy with the first 3 players we got, I can buy the excitement for the 4th guy - but my excitement for players selected in rds 4-7 is capped as experiments who will hopefully contribute in small ways. Our first 3 picks netted guys who apparently all the experts say will contribute pretty much right away and become above average starters at least - according to the experts. In addition to that, two picks in the first 3 rds next year, one being a 1st rd pick that might be top 15. This has been one of my favorite drafts in a while. This feels like that 2005 draft where long-time starters were picked into the 4th rd. Of course I know shit about any of these guys and I'm just going by expert analysis and highlights. The final 3 rds is pretty much pull names from a hat, one of them might be on the team in 3 years, 2 of them might be in the league in 3 years.
  16. Pass rusher was probably the biggest need on the team.
  17. Unless he's putting a package together to get Rodgers.
  18. I mean it is hard to not love this draft right now. DG also isn't acting like he has intentions of retiring after the season;.
  19. I'd love for us to be one of those teams that year after years gets a blue chip OL in the first couple rounds, but I also like that the WR position is getting the attention it has needed. Adding Golladay alone wouldn't have been enough, now jones has the physical guy that will come down with the ball in Golladay, the speed guys in Slayton and Ross, the chain mover in Sheppard, and now that x factor that can be put in a lot of places on the field and be explosive with the ball. Lots of needs on a team that has been bad for a long time, so it may be oline, edge, cb. I was honestly hoping for one of the top CBs to fall to 11, thinking we would be going with one of the Bama WRs. To get a pretty exciting player and a first next year isa pretty good haul.
  20. I'm no analyst, but I have had the same kind of doubts about Lawrence. I don't see what makes him the best prospect ever. I mean I am rooting for him to be great, just because, but with Luck I saw it, with Lawrence, I can't seperate his skills from any of the other great college QBs that made or it didn't in the pros.
  21. Cool, after the vaccine I had a dream I was a time/dimension traveler because I accidentally found a way to create a portal with Instagram, in my real life I was a shrimp boat captain, in the different dimension I was hitchhiking and the guy that gave me a ride new all about the dimension traveling. I ran into myself while trying to feed the lobster creatures from Stephen King's Gunslinger series, and on my final "Leap", I became a bunny, and then I was stuck because bunnies obviously don't have Instagram accounts.
  22. Boy he really does use his length well.
  23. Kind of has that Plaxico feel to me, just overall.
  24. I'm good with letting Williams walk. System and coaching aside, I'm skeptical of a player who suddenly turns it on in a contract year.
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