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  1. Money!! What's up bro? You back for good?
  2. Yahoo! Link. Well is wasn't like Spags was expieranced 2 years ago, and he did a great job with talent. Only time will tell
  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I didn't know he had a brother?
  4. lol... i know what he's trying to say though. He's had 3 qb's, and 3 failures. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys even failed. I don't think we could do anything any differantly then either of those 3 clubs. I want our Plax back
  5. Thanks. Now I'm going to have nightmares. That is one ugly mo fo that would make Freddy Krugar cringe
  6. I say Washington cause D-Snyder is a prick like TO. Plus TO, Moss, Randal El., and Cooley would make the Skins offense great with Portis in the backfield. Also TO is going to want revenge on both the Eagles and Cowboys. Last but not least, TO likes to be in the NFC East because he loves hurting the Giants everytime he plays us
  7. Isn't he as old as dust? It seems like forever ago when he was a Ram
  8. Um if it's incentive based, and he's not getting his touches then he'll go crazy on Eli. And you know that
  9. :brooding: Your sarcasm is brutal at times. LOL
  10. What about trading up for Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland? Is he NFL ready yet?
  11. I know it's hard to kick in our stadium, but I know we could find a clutch kicker. Tynes played in like 2 games last year, and didn't he miss the extra point? Lol. I Robbie Gould plays great in windy ass chicago stadium. Kickers are a lot more important then people give them credit for. Think of it this way. Every missed field goal, not only does the opposing team get good field position, but momentum and if it's by 8 or less keeps the opposition in the game. I know that everyone already knows what it means to miss a field goal, but almost everyone i talk to is like, "nah, you don't draft kickers. Kickers aren't worth it." Well I think that's b/s. I'm tired of heart-wrentching games like that Seattle game with Feely, or every missed FG by Tynes versus the Pack, or Tynes misses versus Philly in the playoffs. I'm tired of it
  12. We could get Nicks without trading up, but what do you think of this guy? Everyone here says he might be the best WR in the draft right now.
  13. I mean, we have 9 picks. Why can't we get a good kicker that doesn't miss FG's when it's windy like Robby Gould. Even Nick Folk isn't that bad. Or the guy from the Pats
  14. Tynes = Feely I want a better kicker. I don't care how we do it, but it needs to be done
  15. I'm down for useing a late pick for a kicker. I don't like Tynes. He was incosistent last year, he even missed some extra points, and almost even blew the game versus the Packers last year in the NFC Championship game? Discuss
  16. That invention is to expensive. My girl would kill me if I spent money on that. lol
  17. I'd rather give up a couple picks then give Kiwi up.
  18. the Eagles got rid of so many people and haven't replaced squat. I dunno. They'll both be fighting for last, lol
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