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  1. I don't see a wr of his caliber falling past 6. Lol, the Raiders would make sure of that. Qb's fall, not really wr's
  2. or a picture of a crab in a tree. LOL, I know how you roll.
  3. I understand your concern about wr's not panning out in the NFL, but Crabtree is a rare specimen, and no matter if it's the Giants or any other team. He will be a great day 1 starter and a asset to this league for many years to come. He's going to be a young Keshawn Johnson without the attitude problems and the me first attitude.
  4. btw, I know you have been just itching to say that to me.
  5. socal, we have 10 fucken picks. Reese doesn't want to sign 10 picks. If we gave up 4 picks for Crabtree then we can still sign 6 picks. Crabtree is worth it
  6. I know what your sayingm but Edwards has had only one good year and a ton of drops. Crabtree catches anything and I feel like Crabtree could come in here on day 1 and produce. He's a quick learner and has all the potential to come out in week 1 and catch 8-10 passes right off the bat. This guy has balance, breaks tackles, and is a lot faster then what people give him credit for. There's a big reason why he is the #1 wr available in the draft, and this is one of the greatest wr classes in a long time
  7. dude, that's what I'm saying except I don't think Edwards is the answer and the Giants don't like all the drops. To me it's either Boldin or Crabtree if we want to be the #1 team in the NFC. We don't need 10 picks so let's move on up in the draft or see if the Cardinals would like our picks for a guy unhappy in Arizona. And I defiantly agree on us getting a top notch kicker
  8. You know, I honestly wouldn't mind if they wanted 4 of our 10 picks for a guy that would be a day 1 differance maker. I don't like giving up the whole farm for 1 guy, but we did it for Eli and it worked out, and this guy isn't a troublemaker or loud mouth. I think he's worth it
  9. The Rams have went public about will to shop their 1st round pick and they are in the rebuilding process. The Giants have 10 picks because of our brilliant trade to the Saints for douchebag Shockey. Reese has went public saying that he doesn't want to sign 10 picks. Our only real needs are mainly WR, OL depth, and LB depth (preferably someone to replace Pierce in a year or so). i'm happy with all of our other positions (except for kicker, but that is a whole new thread on it's own, lol.) The Rams need picks so if we gave them our 1st, one of our 2nd's, and a 3rd, 4th, or 5th pick to move to their spot then we could have thr most talented player in the draft in my opinion. What do u guys think?
  10. couldn't we have just traded Plax to a team with a top 5 pick in the draft to a team like the Seahawks or someone. then we could've had two 1st round picks. maybe we would've gotten Crabtree for moving up for Burress.
  11. well, game one of the season he produced pretty damn good. And so did Church. Besides that bases loaded fly ball Delgado had a pretty impressive game. we left over 10 guys stranded on base. We need better hitting while guys are in scoring position. D. Murphy got that win for Santana!!
  12. If Vick went to Oakland, the Raider fans would eat PETA up in a minute. PETA, the other other white meat. :evilgrin:
  13. Yeah, I would. Not because of his arm, but because he's such a great scrambler. But after the way Carr played last year I'd have Vick at #3 QB, and maybe a #3 running back or a #2 reciever. Lol
  14. You forgot to mention that everyone in that division sucked and were easy wins.
  15. Well we did cust Sam Madison, so maybe we could get him on the low-low to provide some depth
  16. He has shown spurts of talent. He's just not consistant though. :glare:
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