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  1. How old is Boldin, and how tall is he. In my opinion, Boldin is wasy better, but from what John Clayton said we're so close to signing Edwards that I don't think Reese would even entertain the offer. I'd hate if we get Edwards and Boldin fell to the Eagles. Boldin doesn't drop balls, and he plays great even when hurt. If all we have to give up is a 1st, 3rd, and a player like Moss or Hixon then I'm down, like Charlie Brown
  2. The biggest reason why I think it could happen is because the Rams don't want the #2 pick payout, and they need to address several positions
  3. Dude, your trying to make me look like an idiot. I'm not one, so sorry. I'm bringing this subject up cause I feel it's a pressing subject to our team and that I feel that it would put us over the top of all the other teams in the NFC. We don't need 10 picks. Reese has agreed, don't you? We have the ammo for Boldin or Crabtree. Fuck Edwards. He drops more balls then a queer guy on Kings Avenue. I'm for real.
  4. Money, are you telling me it's inconceivable that the Giants would give picks up for a #1 reciever? Come on man. That's all we need to be an elite team. Seriously man, we have the ammo to get him. I like him better then Calvin. You will see. He is a day 1 starter that will wreck this league. Quote me on this
  5. Dude, I can careless about what Money said. If you had the oppertunity to get a Jerry Rice and had to sacrifice a couple picks when you had 10 picks, do you not think it's worth it. Which is my bottom line question.
  6. Wtf, Money? Your my boy. Why don't you see where I'm coming from? Calvin is ok, but I know Michael will be elite. I put my lunch money on it. hahaha
  7. Listen, I can give Two shits about being a mod on a message board I'm rarely on. I made that comment because you think you know all.. Calvin is ok. But I've seen what Crabtree can do. It personally offends me that you would bring up something so stupid as being a Mets mod like that offends me. I don't have a personal vendetta against you. I simply said go watch Tiger hit a par, because you like golf, right? And you never have anything positive to say when I make a thread so therefore I said what I said.
  8. Um, no. Nice try "golfguy". Crabtree is head and shoulders better. Go watch Tiger hit a Par.
  9. LOL. The Bud Light is doing more of the talking then I am right now, but I serioisly do see this as a big mistake if we didn't get him. Honestly I know he will be badass. I couldn't say the same for Calvin Johnson. I've seen Crabtree play in person and this guys atheltic ablility is insane. I would love him as much as I'd liked to get Boldin
  10. Bigblue, I am telling you as a friend. this is a franchise player who would bring many Super Bowls to our team and we have plenty of ammo to make it happen. I've known you for a while now, have I ever said that a guy will be great and it didn't happen. He needs to be wearing the Giant colors or I seroiusly will cry. Something I usually would never do. I mean it. This guy will be a Hall of Famer and he can be ours
  11. Of all people, not you. Blue your my boy. How can you say that. Crabtree only has a stress fracture on his pinky toe. You could cut my pinky toe off and I'll be fine. Crabtree is a future Hall of Famer. To you he ain't worth it? With him or Boldin (big if on Boldin) we are the best team in the NFC. Guys Like Jacobs and Manning need a good #1. Come on man. You know what I'm talking about
  12. I think the reason behind this is because the the Giants are pissed that Salma Heyek is jumping on my cock every night. I don't blame the Giants for not wanting to play on Monday night because if my cock is going to be lonely on Monday nights so should the Giants. P.S. don't tell my fiancee I said this.
  13. I can't believe a lot of you guys wouldn't want to do this. If we only had 6 or 7 picks I would understand. This guy is a Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens without the ego. I've seen his college and high school videos and he is way better then the Calvin Johnson we saw a couple years ago. Believe me, this guy is a stud who's worth the picks
  14. VG, he's not going to fall out of the top ten, I promise you that. He's the best reciever in the draft. Teams like the Raiders will make sure he won't fall. We need to secure him. Nicks, Britt, and even Heyward-Bey won't do for our team. We need a true #1.
  15. Um, u guys are are missing my point. We have 10 picks, and we don't need all of those picks. I think we need Boldin or Crabtree. Fuck Edwards and fuck any other thought. If we get Boldin or Crabtree we are going to the Super Bowl. I promise you that
  16. Amen, brother. I guess thoughs guys are good recievers though. That's Why so many teams would love to have them. Dion Branch got the farm from Seattle. But no, the defenses were the only reason they won their championships.
  17. Are u kidding me? The Ravens did have a Pro-Bowler named Shannon Sharpe and a couple of other good guys I can't remember and yes Dilfer sucked, but what's your point? If the Vikings would've made it to them that year they would've of won. Our O-line and Kerry Collins didn't show up, and Tiki had a sub-par game. So what's your point? It's ok to have a shitty offense when u have a great defense? That's fucken retarded. You need a balanced attack. Please don't tell me we'll be perfectly fine with medicore wr's. That's asidine
  18. Hey, I'm only 27, but what about McConky, Sherrard, and Ingram. I know there were plenty more.
  19. socal, your comparing the mid and late 80's to now?!? First off we don't have no where near as dominant of a defense as back then, and rules have changed. The NFL is "quarterback friendly" now. 2nd off how many teams have won the Super Bowl since then that didn't have a good 1st wr? Dude your comparing apples to oranges. You need balance in today's NFL. You live too much on the past. Just like how you feel about the Yanks. Guess what, times have changed, brotha
  20. lol, I live in Florida and I know Florida State players stink in the NFL. Warrick Dunn might 've been their best NFL player ever. You are right, some guys look like major studs in college, then come to the big leagues and end up being duds. I'm just telling you. I see Hall of Famer all over him. Just my gut instict.
  21. Oh yeah, that's fair. Lol. Let the guy have one year in the NFL and they'll be tied, lol.
  22. You need to read the article that came out today on ESPN.com. It was a pinky toe, which will be fully healed way before training camp. His 40 was like a 4.60 I think I remember from that article. His goal is to get it around 4.40 and hewas even training with Michael Johnson just to get his launch better. As far as I remember Plax's 40 wasn't great, but we all know what he could do. Read that article on Crabtree (sorry I don't have the link, I'm posting from my Treo) then see what I'm talking about. Everyone loves this kid
  23. Well we have 10 picks with no intention of signing all of them. it's worth the risk in my opinion.. Edwards has too many drops, and Boldin is a longshot. I'd love to have either Crabtree or Boldin.
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