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  1. I agree, only if CC is healthy.
  2. Sounds good, if CC is honestly completely healed up from last year
  3. I like both Butler and Johnson, but we have a pretty strong core without Butler. I'm happy with the Giants move.
  4. Um, yeah that was pretty freakin premature. :brooding:
  5. Can you send me a link for some of his stats from college.
  6. That's why I want us to get the best availble MLB with our first pick. Pierce has maybe one or two more years he could play and maybe mold a guy for us.
  7. Neither do I, but there's a lot of speculation that we are because of how much defense we got in free agency. I'd like to get a strong linebacker to mold into our next MLB when Pierce starts to decline. AP should be able to help mold a guy.
  8. I agree. We had to double up TO every game which left guys like Crayton and Witten wide open. Now they don't have a legit reciever to double so I bet you guys Romo's number will be average at most this year. No more top 5 for him. Remember, wehn Plax was playing even though he didn't have a great season he was the reason other guys were paid less attention too. Owens now will make not only T. Edwards look like Romo has the past couple years, Lee Evans will be open a lot, and more holes on the line for M. Lynch to run up into. The Bills right now to me are the class of the AFC East. Even with Brady back.
  9. or when we were backed into our own 10 yard line on 1st down against the wind and throw a pick that caused 7 fucken points early in the game
  10. Sweet. This job isn't to bad though. I did reall good for the month of Janurary
  11. WOW!!! LOL. Good, get the hell outta the NFC and ruin another conferance. :evilgrin:
  12. Hope it keeps up through the WHOLE season... lol
  13. David Wright didn't look to good either. :brooding:
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