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  1. Good game G Men hold your head high! You kept up with one of the best teams ever in football.
  2. Like I said we gave alot against the best team in football, sadly we are playing against he best team in football.
  3. I'd like to see the Browns get in, they gave it their best this season.
  4. Oh well we gave it our best to stay up with the best team in football.
  5. I blame whoever makes the gatorade, I mean everyone else has been blamed....
  6. I think it's the Jets, isn't it? New York something so I figure it's the Jets.
  7. Or he sees the name Barber and throws right to him
  8. Yeah like I said with some experience Bradshaw could be the real deal. I hope we pound on the D with Jacobs and get them worn down then bring in Bradshaw to break off a nice run. Not to mention if we keep Ward he can always pick up some yards for us too. So I'm pretty happy with our RB situation.
  9. Just think about this we really have three really good running backs. Jacobs: Powerful running back who should remain our main guy. Just needs to work on his hands Bradshaw: A scat back runner who is coming into his own, the kid hits the hole with no fear. After he gets some more experience this kid could be the real deal Ward: A good all around back, could go up the middle or off tackle and has a good knowledge of the game. This guy is a nice change of pace back in case Bradshaw or Jacobs is hurt or tired. You think theres any chance we keep these three for a long stretch of years? Cause I think that would give us a killer running game. Let Jacobs start the game as pound on the D, then bring in the home run Bradshaw and have Ward back there who can do whatever you want.
  10. Man Garcia has always scared me, he always just finds a way to fucking beat us...it's like he can suck every single game of the year but when he plays the Giant's he does a 180 and looks like Peyton Manning with McNabbs mobility.
  11. In all honesty I have not been following Tampa at all, so I have no idea what their like. From what some friends have said their D is back to superbowl form and Garcia is a giant killer.
  12. Actually Webster has looked alright the entire year. I mean last year he looked like a chicken with his head cut off but this year, maybe it's spags who knows but he looks more experienced. He's in position, he atleast keeps up with the WR's and is making tackles when he can. I'm not saying he's te second coming of Deion Sanders but he is alot better then he used to be.
  13. Whoa whoa whoa, lets get back on track here. Nice win by the Giants and lets hope this team shows up like it did today in the playoffs.
  14. Yeah I guess every board needs acouple.
  15. So what because I'm Canadian I cant be a fan of the American football league? It's people like you who give the US the whole "ignorance" image. You pretty much proved my point that you have nothing positive to say. Hey instead of celebrating the win lets try and shoot down the Canadian with talk about next week. Good win Giants!
  16. He actually called a good game, more of a handshake.
  17. If this team shows up in the playoffs....Ill be really happy.
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