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  1. btw if i had said preseason 'special teams play would ultimately put the giants in the superbowl this year', who would've been buying that?
  2. yep this is the solid truth right here. romo can win the big game, no question. there's too much evidence of superbowl victories with mediocrity at the position. he's flopped in some big stage games but show me a qb who hasn't. jerry is such a self back-patting meddling old fart, who's costing us dearly in the draft because he trusts his own instincts too much.
  3. 1. gronkowski 2. hernandez 3. turnovers even with pressure brady is capable of hitting those te's, both scored in the earlier matchup. the difference in that game of course +2 takeaways for ny. it will be exciting, and i don't like seeing anyone sacked and rattled more than brady. makes you feel a little more immortal yourself when you see a demigod is human like that. anyway guys good luck. go nfc and kick brady's ass!
  4. and you're really kind of missing the whole point of this thread aren't ya? conclusion: eli has much more talent around him, yet doesn't produce much more than romo. thanks for chiming in on the cowboys on the day of your nfccg. i know its a lot to ask. :doh
  5. and here i was worried you weren't obsessed with me anymore. do tell, how did your theory of 'te's are irrellevant' play out this year?
  6. right. i am taking into consideration all injuries, which is why i didn't include demarco. i think the important thing to take from this, as a cowboy fan, is the fact we were competitive in the division and conference yet obviously, even when swapping out the giants for remaining playoff teams, we are severely lacking in talent position for position.
  7. he's got no leg power. why coughlin remains true to tynes, i can't figure out.
  8. couple of points. ware - the idea is to trade position for position, le for le or re for re. so would you really trade jpp and his potential for ware, who is a sack artist, but rarely seems to take over a game like jpp. robinson - definately a pleasant surprise down here, but i'm not sure he's anymore dangerous than manningham murray - he's injured, but otherwise i would agree he's the most dangerous rb on both teams cb - jenkins is our best cb, after that there's a huge drop off, so no we don't have a better 2nd cb than ross. romo - neither team would want to trade qb's. and for the guy saying romo sucks, you might want to compare his stats with eli's. then consider this whole exercise. which qb is surrounded by talent, and which is carrying a team more often than not?
  9. thanks for all the kind words. there's good people here. now knock the shit out of those crimson and gold pansies.
  10. giants 24 sf 13 the pass rush will be on. smith will look like he's never been in the playoffs before, and the giants d will shut down the run early while teeing off on smith late. the nyg offense will steadily put up points, while the sf offense struggles. good luck guys. i hate ny as much as sf but i'd rather have lost by the hands of the champion.
  11. friday on Dallas' local espn radio, there was raised an interesting question. this question stung like a whip and raised a lot of questions about the actual 'talent' on the cowboys roster. question: if your Tom Coughlin and your given the option to replace any starter on your team with the same starter/position from Dallas, who would you take? humbling. 1. witten. and that's not to say ballard's not getting it done, but witten an all-pro playmaker. 2. smith. replacing mckenzie at rt. tackle. and 3. sean lee. playmaker at lb. only 3 fucking players. jesus what an eye opener. and people here want to blame garrett for the lack of success when jerry is mismanaging the draft and fa. romo/eli i consider a draw. neither team would really care to trade away the qb. thoughts?
  12. i enjoy my crow raw with a little hot sauce please. a few points if i may, and then i'll leave you to enjoy your playoffs. 1. GB got the shit knocked out of 'em in the first giants game. that's why they went on to lose to KC the next week, and haven't really looked like the same team since. NY was the last team they wanted to see again. it was obvious with the drops, zero timing, and fumbles that GB had been thinking about this game for a while, and weren't looking forward to it. 2. no more debate. eli is elite. maybe he's just been waiting for his brother to relinquish the limelight, but now that he's got the stage to himself, he's explosive. 3. don't be fooled by fewell. he's having success because he's getting away from playing soft and off coverage. i think he's still a fraud, but apparently the players are now playing at a higher level. again. congrats on a great season! good luck with SF and the AFC.
  13. cowboys on a roll starting with the queens of new york
  14. so much for banking on Tampa to win anything by a high draft pick.
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