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First four games. Pick our won and loss!


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Am I the only one who thinks we're going 4-0?


Seriously, we will win against the colts.. that's our turf. Skins and Eagles are division foes.. no match.. and pay back is a bitch for Seattle. We owned them last year and this time it will show on the scoreboard.


4 and 0 baby.

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4-0 or 3-1...


All four games are important. We need to win our first game and state to the NFL that we're legit. Eagles probably the only game we might lose, but once again it's a divisional game...very important and we're the champs. Seahawks...we need payback...I expect the Giants defense to be out for blood. Redskins it's at home...right now the skins don't look as good as people thought they would be...but since they are the wannabe Yankees of the NFL we'll beat them.


4-0 is very possible to start off the season. If we do start off 4-0 we'll see the Giants on top of many power rankings.

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I dont see any reason why we cant go 4-0


we can beat indy out of the gate they lost James all we have to do is pressure Peyton and contain rhodes

also Adam Vinatieri may be out for the opener


Seattle: this may be the hardest game of the first 4 if we beat the seahawks we will have so much momentum going into philly


Philly: I feel is falling down the nfc ladder its not whither or not we can stop mcnab (we can do that) but if we can stop westbrook


washington: well coming of a bye we historicaly dont win that game but this year if we get to Brunell and hold portis to low yardage we can beat them also the redskins have just picked up T.J. Duckett from the Bucs He sure looks like a load to stop He may be no Riggins but hes pretty beefy .


I feel we go 3-1 seattle may be the team that gets us

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Horrible thread.
Your e-Girls will be just beat into the turf. McChoke will be put out of the game by the Giant DE's and LB's. You have no receivers worth mentioning and your running backs would have a difficult time playing Div III college ball. Move to Philadelphia where you can cry on the shoulders of other jerks. :LMAO:
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