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  1. if demps gets hurt, than we will automatically become a better team
  2. running: 2150/5.6/16 tds recieving: 35/450/ 5 tds MVP (as long as he plays 16 games)
  3. i dont really like this guy. he's good, but not great. maybe we could trade up and get him in the early 2nd round, taking him earlier isnt worth it
  4. hahaha. that one is awesome.
  5. he's Crawsome now lets bench him again
  6. i really do hate you. you're such a fuckin wierdo
  7. hey


    he also played evry well against the texans. he was matched up against andre johnson, the best wide reciever in the league, and was battin balls down like it was nobody's business. he's a good cover corner, i liked how he and madison have the ability to line up face-to-face with recievers instead of giving 15 yard cushions like the WILLS and webster.
  8. do rodney williams. lol. u can say a lot of shit about him
  9. hey


    he was forced to play that in pheonix, but is much more comfortable with his back to the basket and doing dirty work like he did in college and for the clippers
  10. hey


    Richardson has been our best D player for the past two years. he goes up agianst the other teams best players and does a good job against them. He's no all-nba defensive player, but he has worked hard to keep the other players in check. And hes been our best offensive weapon so far this season, i dont know what you're talking about with the bad shooting.
  11. lol the jaguars list is literally half their team. they're all probable though.
  12. Cory Webster and Will Demps We all saw how Cory Webster was exploited and picked on the whole game, there is no reason to say any more. But, Will Demps, played even worse and is the main reason to me why we lost. On that 3rd and 20 run, he had an easy shot at a tackle and just flopped, looking exactly like he did on the warrick dunn run. If he makes that easy tackle, or at least gets a hand on the guy he wont convert that play. It gave chicago all the momentum into the half and for the rest of the game. WILL DEMPS COST US THE GAME. The guy is a pathetic excuse of a football player. he is the biggest pussy in the nfl and should have been released after the falcon game. we have been giving up big plays down the middle all year because he cant cover shit. at least if he could tackle shit, he would give us a chance. How long must we live with this pretty boy dickhead before james butler can get a shot? at least he can make plays
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