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  1. everybody will get one.... practice squad, secertaries, trainers, wives of coaches, everybody involved in the org will get one
  2. the closest hilton would be my guess or maybe marriot
  3. should i buy an authentic superbowl jersey??? i think that could bring a lot of bad luck so i dont really want to buy one
  4. aka spags is not going there that was the point of the thread sorry if old news
  5. i voted jacobs but i think what is important is that there is a good mix and i think they usualloy need to bring bradshaw in a series before they put him in.. but jacobs is big in terms of wearing down the defense espcially puting licks on bruschi and co.
  6. I think you are actually right with the shockey comment he does need to settle down relax and focus more of his energy on football ( not saying he does not work hard) that is just how i see it from this far away view... but this is a great read and very interesting it is great to see guys like plaxico change thier ways and mature into this kind of person
  7. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/flash/zoomG...lleryId=3205737
  8. according to wiki it was mike carey which lets just hope the game is called a little difrently
  9. I am defiently taking coughlin over fassel even though i was not a huge coughlin supporter when he was originally hired. I do not belive that fassel ever made the playoffs back to back this is the third consecutive year in the playoffs now and we are going to the superbowl.
  10. i think they did about 5 years ago or so i cant really rem the game off the top of my head but i do rem fans going in to volunteer to remove the snow
  11. mort reported that the falcons are back to square one for the new head coach, they are going to wait and interview spags for the job once he is available this would fucking suck if he took that job
  12. he wont be availbe by the time we pick... and i understand some need at wr with toomers age but i think first round would still be to early for a wr unless we got great value for it
  13. why not?? a ton of potenial even though it is all behind him worth working him out in camp
  14. well it looks good for eli right now lets hope Palmer can really improve his play
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