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Top 5 TE's according to Cold Pizza

Virginia Giant

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this is pretty much the general consensus. the truth is that the experts are too pussy to put gonzalez where he belongs. shockey is better. nobody would take gonzalez over shockey, nobody, and battaglia's an idiot cuz even on his best day shockey can't put up the TD production that gates can

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5: Alge Crumpler

4: Todd Heap

3: Jeremy Shockey - Battaglia said he could be a 1 or 3 depending on his mind set.

2: Tony Gonzalez

1: Antonio Gates

Really the whole top 4 could be flipflopped any given season.

'cept we haven't seen Gates have a bad(or even avg.) year yet.

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Why? i think he'll have a huge year with rivers at QB, the TE becomes a young QB's favorite target alot of the time.


i think he's going to end up dumping off to tomlinson a lot just like brees did when he sucked in 2003 and tomlinson led the NFL in receptions

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