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Giants Madden 07 Covers!


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Hello, I made a few custom covers for Giants fans, don't kill me if they suck. :mellow:

Pictures of players are greatly appreciated, large sized pictures would be great.


Some of you guys might have loading problems if your using a regular modem. These files are 360KB avrage, so people can get the best resolution. Sorry. I did this one pretty quick so there might a few fingerprints left on the picture, I will try to fine tune it later on.


Oh, I am taking requests.


This is one with Toomer, because the original picture is very nice, so I made a cover out of it.










Tada... :mellow:


Note - I modefied the size, if you want the original size, which is a bit bigger then what you are seeing, let me know.

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Here is Tiki from the picture provided this is the "dirty edition." Enjoy.

Let me know if there are any problems, all 4 game system covers are in the zip file.


The pictures were to big to host on image hosting sites, so I made a rar file.

You need "winrar" to unzip them, just google it.




If there is a problem, or you want something changed let me know. (Working on the other pics.)

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