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  1. Lets not get ahead of our selves.. didn't Barden get one pass that he managed to tip to the CB? lol Manningham is promising but he hasn't shown anything that would make any team rethink their coverage.
  2. The Giants are having problems in the ratings?
  3. This is a problem with our receivers being less experienced, so they can't get open when it comes to zone coverage... the very reason why we do good at long passes vs. short ones. Hopefully they will find a way to get this fixed.
  4. It's a gimmick in my opinion, you can't possibly risk your QB like that continuously without reproduction.
  5. Can't wait to see the 5-1-5 and 5-2-5 that is going to be sick.
  6. What happened to propagating this forum?
  7. Philly in New York, is much better the the Cowgirls anyday. Though I wish, they both got eliminated.
  8. Those guns mean squat if he has a gun license. And doesn't he live in NJ? How the heck is NJ searching is house without a cause?
  9. In the first night of Christmas my true love gave to me... -A Division champions ship. In the second night of Christmas my true love gave to me... -A Bye week In the third night of Christmas my true love game to me... -Home field advantage and a pair tree?
  10. Am I the only one who doesn't want home field advantage after watching the Eagles game? Don't get me wrong, I will be rooting for the G-Man to win every game and get the #1 seed. But we haven't been spectacular in our home turf. And Eli doesn't play too well in cold weather, so that worries me a bit.
  11. We need to bring Mix back into the mix.
  12. We did we not run the ball when we need only 3 yards.. WHY!
  13. I think Jacobs might have just hyperextended his leg, is still in the side lines.
  14. Let's make the best of this, bring out Ward and let's use some screens.
  15. Illegal CONTACT! What happened to all the illegal contact we got in the first half?
  16. Yeah, add to that Smith not able to hang on to the other 4th down pass.. terrible.
  17. It's times like these, I wish we played in a dome.
  18. I think we missed a big opportunity with the Hixon missed catch, that was a sure TD.
  19. Yeah, let's hope KG doesn't stick to his gameplan like he did vs. Browns. I hope he is able to adjust to what the Eagles are doing. Well, he did learn his lesson from that game. So, I expect him to make adjustments in the halftime. Let's see how they respond comming out of the half, and we will know how the rest of the game will go.
  20. You think we run between the tackles in the second half? Running at the corners doesn't seem to be working.
  21. 10 point lead and we already lost? Maybe that punt block for a TD will be a wake up call.
  22. jints

    Kenny Britt

    I honestly think Hixon is going to take over our #1, and we won't draft a WR high. Or bring in anyone that is a big name. Hixon did a great job vs. Skins, lets see how he handles the Eagles. Toomer / Hixon / Boss / Smith is a good combination. Put in Moss / Manningham ham in slot positions and we have a good bunch.
  23. Yeah, I want it.. but it's in large. Too big for me.
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