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Really not alot out there in terms of help in the free agency pool.


Despite all this talk about how "teams can just grab a RB off the steet" the pundits do every year, there really isnt many worth a damn.


Their best bet would be to make a trade with someone for a change of pace guy, a proven one.


New England has a stable of RBs.


Someone like Royce Freeman from the Broncos as well.


All I know is even if the MRI comes back negative for any ligament damage, these high ankle sprains are like a 4-8 week type of deal usually.


Plus you don't want to rush Barkley back if this season is a wash.

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They cant go into next week with gallman and Perkins right?!


I think Perkins is with Detroit now, he just got cut last week.


and not just thin at RB, our LBs at the end of the game were Connelly and Stupar…. just the two of 'em. And it worked out because Michael Thomas tackles better than either of them.

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