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Martellus Bennett being shopped...


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Don't see it happening.


and, he has a 6 million dollar cap hit this year and next year.


and apparently he hasn't shown up to workouts because he wants a new contract.


It was originally 4 years, 20 million. I read his cap hit this year to be closer to 5 million. Either way, we'd extend him to lessen it.


But I'd steer clear of the 5 million plus range on him.

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I'd rather take a shot on one with a late round pick


I was kinda leading that way, but given the year Bennett had and given McAdoo actually uses the TE position as a receiving threat - thought a proven commodity might be the way to go. I think if I was the Giants, I'd certainly wait until after the draft, maybe even after June 1st cuts to see what shakes out. But I'd make a phone call sometime here in May to see if they're still interested in shipping him off.

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