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The Giants are on the Clock

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I'm going to try my hand at a mock draft again this year, been a few years, but that is for later.


When the Giants make that selection in the first round, who are you hoping/thinking/praying they pick? Could go through all the rounds if you want.


I'm on the Amari Cooper bandwagon this year. Get Cruz back in the slot where he is a beast and let ODB and Cooper dominate the outside. Randle is an outstanding 4th option and when the injury bug hits, can fill in readily.


Other than that, I have to do more research. I've seen LBers and Olineman going to us, but to the best of my limited knowledge none are appealing top 10 picks. Could be we trade down, or possibly if Reese gets enamored with Cooper we could trade up above Oakland.

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I like Cooper, but don't know that he's worthy of trading up, especially with the other WRs in the draft. I'm on record as saying that I'm not a fan of picking safeties in the top 10, so Collins out of Alabama, as many mocks have slated for us, wouldn't excite me all that much...though I am warming up to the idea. The DE/LBer hybrids that are in the top 10...all show their quickness, but I believe that to be directly related to the fact they play at 240 lbs. I'd like my LBers to be 250 with speed to deliver punishing hits. DEs, it'd be nice if they were 260 to either hold the point of attack or overpower. I love quickness, but I think that in the top 10, if you're going LB or DE, you want more than a one trick pony.


I think this time of year, we'd all be better off just getting acclimated to the players in the draft. I know there is always the BPA vs. draft-for-need approach, but I think when a team has holes, you try to fill them the best you can. And when a team has as many holes as the Giants, then you can't fill them all in free agency. Regardless, picking #9 overall, as long as we get a day 1 contributor, I will be happy.


I wouldn't dream of doing a mock draft before free agency winds down.

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