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  1. Yea nobody is giving two 1st for JPP but JPP is a top ten DE. For one, There aren't many DEs that play as many defensive snaps as he does. Keeping him fresher could go a long way in making him a more consistent pass rusher. Besides getting burned by the zone read he's probably the best 4-3 DE against the run. He could also benefit from better LBers behind him as well as a better DC. His stock is going to go up with Spags as DC. His price will be higher at the end of next season so why prolong the inevitable. Hopefully we can get him signed for about 11 a year. I think that's fair for both sides.
  2. I agree we have to take the best talent on the board.
  3. This is the one thing that bugs me about TC. These last two games we should be figuring out what we have on the roster. Washington should be getting more snaps on offense.
  4. I hate to be that guy this early but Cooper isn't making it out of the top 5. I'd be fine with the top OT on the board.
  5. Pizan


    I'd add Ayers to that list. He can play. Prince impressed me as well. We have the foundation of a good defense just need a new DC and a few more players.
  6. He could be predictable at times but it wasn't all bad under Gilbride. We've had some of our highest scoring offenses in team history while he called the plays. Some fans seem to forget that. McAdoo has done alright so far but it could be better. Beckham certainly has helped thats for sure. It was time to move on from his system and all but Fewell should've gone as well. He's a year over due.
  7. I'm fine with Coughlin and Reese staying as long as we have changes in the Front Office and coaching staff.
  8. If we get a top 5 pick we take the best most talented guy we have rated on the board. Need goes out the window. We take whoever we think has the chance to be the best pro.
  9. You might be able to get away with blaming Pughs struggles in the run game on Jerry but in pass blocking you can't. He's getting beat on the edge by subpar pass rushers.. Next year will be his third offseason in an NFL strength program, he'll be fine with the switch to guard especially in this offense.
  10. The Cowboys turnaround started when they made an effort to focus on the OL. Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, and Zach Martin.
  11. And therein lies the problem. When a QB is paid as much as Eli is he has to be good enough to elevate the talent around him because his contract limits the supporting cast we can give him.
  12. I want an OT because I think Pugh will be average at best there but has potential to be a probowl caliber G. Beatty is playing well enough to keep at LT but if we get a guy now he can play RT until we move on from Beatty in a few years then switch to the left side. Pugh and Schwartz at guard and Richburg at C with a legit RT strengthens our line in one move.
  13. See above post regarding Eli and his trade value. The going rate for a starting QB in this league is quite expensive. Pugh just needs to get a little stronger. He's struggling at RT. I like Ayers, he's staying. Patterson needs upgraded.
  14. Haslet stuck around a few coaching changes in Washington. If I'm the new coach I'd look at McAdoo and consider it. See how it fits the personnel etc. Id want some consistency on O especially if I was a defensive minded coach. It has its advantages. Remember what Oakland gave for Palmer? How about what Schaub went for when traded to Houston? Now throw in a guy who has two SB rings and the "Manning" last name add that with a few coaches and GMs that may never get another shot (Fisher/Snead for ex.) and who are just a QB away from contending. A team like that it makes a lot of sense. Obviously trade would only be agreed upon if Eli signs an extension. If we don't get what we want we don't trade him. Simple as that.
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