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Yanks just got a set of balls

Chuck Wagon

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This fucker is nails.....great bat and glove...but the best part is this fuckers attitude...haven't had this since Jorge. Good sign.









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when healthy, which is a concern, he is a difference maker. very nice player...and the second best free agent of the offseason behind cano. I like this move, but they still need to sign cano..hopefully they come to an agreement.


and the need to sign at least 2 starting pitchers

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if thats the case, which it seems like its going to be. Id look at Garza since it loosk like Hiroki is coming back. Might even throw an incentive laced deal at Halladay for depth(i he can stil get major league hiters out) and hope that Pineda, Ramirez or Banuelos emerges as ligit major league starter.


lots of question marks though I think thats a decent start.

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well there goes that idea.


I dont know what the Yankees are doing.


Looks even worse they didnt trade cano at the deadline.


Kelly johnson sucks



Only compare to Cano...but then....they all suck next to him at least on paper....they just scored Roberts yesterday...if he has anything left in the tank I am feeling a little better.


When I look back at the Yanks over the years.....the sort of roster they are putting together is a good mix of stars, platooners and ballers......A - Rod is done is my bet...Jeet is on the far side of the other side of the hill and Tex has got bad wrists....Sori is always a question mark..Beltran is good to go......soooo...the need to score another big bat somewhere......a rightie.....and one that can play third or a corner outfield position...maybe even short if #2 can't go... (cause we got plenty of DHs).


What is out there....? remembering we got nothing down on the farm to trade....


Tomorrow's chat...pitching...just how fucked are we in the Bully?


C. Wagon

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he is the best pitcher available..most have him projected as a number 2..which is fine with me..not darvish(who is a bonafide ace in any country), more like a young version of Hiroki Kuroda..which would be awesome.


A rotation of Sabathia, Tanaka, Kuroda, Nova and Pineda/Banuelos/Ramirez/Phelps/Warren isnt too shabby.

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