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Chad Jones to be in uniform

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He's gone way beyond that, T. I think he might actually make it.


And he crashed after signing his contract.



I hope he does as well...and becomes something special.... a new Ronnie Lott....but yeah anytime I hear Giants player and car accident I remember the pre-LT defensive star Troy Archer for the young ones on this board. He played 3/4 defensive end or was he an NT?

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So does his rookie contract still hold true? Like, if he signed a 5 year contract do we still have his rights for 5 years, or does the 2 seasons he was out count toward that number?


That's what I was wondering too. He suffered no brain damage, so he still has all the instincts, and it wounds like his legs are doing just fine. Maybe in a year or two we'll see him on the field.

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