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This little-known small school prospect has a monster leg. He hit a 64-yard field goal this season and hit an incredible 3-of-4 attempts from beyond 60 yards at his Pro Day. At 5”8, 185 lbs, he’s a mite compared to Sebastien Janikowski, but he has a similar nuclear warhead for a leg. He could go as early as the fourth round, believe it.




Tiffin comes from a good ole’ pedigree of Dixie kickers; his Dad also kicked for the Tide in the 1980s. He hit clutch kicks this season and was 6-of-8 from 40+ yards. Expect him snapped up in the fifth or sixth round.




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Gotta admit that Lindholm kid sounds impressive; 75% from outside 60? Fuggetaboutit.


He sure does. That's why someone else will draft him, he'll make the pro bowl 8 times, and when he's on his way out, THENwe'll sign him.

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I stopped paying attention to kickers in the draft after Mike Nugent. They're all the same to me in the meadowlands: Oh the wind caught it and its going in the other direction now...


Tynes falls into that category of good enough to hold on to another season and bad enough to wish you hadn't...every single year.


The organization just does not want to waste a draft pick on one.

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i was born in Scotland .......and yet i think Tynes is awful too


He got very very lucky in Green Bay that night ( he should never have had that 3rd chance of redemption)


His kickofs are rubbish , he doesnt know how to execute an onside kick , his extra points are scary ...he is basically mediocre


I wouldnyt waste a draft pick on an unproven kicker ........but Reese ... please trade and upgrade !

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I'd be willing to part with a 5th for a kicker we could rely on for the next 5-10 years.



The problem with your opinion is that it is far too logical.


Why lock up the position for 10 years when you can have your choice of weak-legged, inconsistent, retreads?


After all, it never gets windy or cold in the meadowlands.....who needs an accurate kicker with a great leg?

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