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Wrecking Ball


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Thanks for posting, Lug.


Erik Howard- never was a 7 so far from a 4 than on his jersey


Gary Jeter- haven't thought about him for a while. .



Yeah the minute I saw him I thought about him and his Dad/family in that United Way commercial. Remember how other teams would rip him because he would twirl his arm at the line trying to get the crowd into it. Jesus if some of those same guys played today they would have a stroke with all of the cheer leading going on. LOL. Erik Howard was a better NT than Burt ever could be IMHO.

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Man, that was an awesome vid.


I loved the picture of Burt clobbering Montana.


Charles Way... one of my all-time favorite Giants. Tough as nails, and underrated... never seemed to make the Pro Bowl because Mike Alstott would rush for 30 more yards than him every season (even though Alstott couldn't block your grandmother).


Would have loved to see the pic of Emanuel Mc. Daniel single-handedly taking Randy Moss out of the NFC Championship game. After Moss got hurt on that bomb, it was obvious he had mailed it in.


And not for nothing but... NO Jesse Armstead? The guy was the heart and soul of our defense for five years. :huh:

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