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Eli on NFL Network


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Deion has violated every broadcast journalism ethics and unbiased code. The guy disgusts me.

Never liked the bastard....showed the kind of creep he really is when he threw a cup filled with water and bleach at Tim McCarver during a playoff broadcast. McCarver said something along the lines..."you sure are a true gentleman Deion..."

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Sanders trying to bring back the Hobo fad, suit and tennis shoes..


Actually he has to wear tennis shoes.


In one episode awhile back, I think maybe at that start of the wildcard games. He was wearing slip on shoes and the crew was bugging him. I guess one of his feet he has a really bad case of turf toe or something like that and he even took the shoe off. Two of his toes we're all fucked up and bent on top of each other, I guess he wears tennis shoes because their alot more comfy then wearing dress shoes for 9+ hours a day and it would kill his feet.


Not standing up for him but if I was on a show where all they showed was my upper half for 3+ hours and I had feet like that....I wouldnt wear any shoes at all :P

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Ever heard of surgery for Christ's sake? I have a brother in law who suffered hip damage in his 20's but he was too much of a faggot to go through the 3-6 months of rehab that would have him walking normally. So he has spent about 30 years of his life limping like one leg is shorter by 6 inches. And I am not being holier than thou....I was born with a facial deformity that took 15 painful operations to correct from age 5 up to age 26....painful and no fun. If it can be corrected do it.

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Wow how did I miss that?! Deion is a scumbag no doubt.



It was years ago when he was playing baseball during a League Championship or World Series Celebration....he deliberately targeted McCarver. I think he had talked about him being a hot dog.

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