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No Andrews or Runyan...

so-cal dub

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SHEEEEEEEEIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rock:



If that is the case, and looks like it is, expect to see Kiwi and Tuck go ape shit on Sunday.


...as opposed to the slacking they've been doing the passed 6 weeks....

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isn't he listed as questionable so he will likely play. I think Andrews has been out most of the year. Unless there is a better link.

Runyan had to get shots last week in Minnesota, and he was still hobbling. His knee inflamed after the game and is way worse.


This is through the grapevine.

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Because it's so easy to get a sack in the NFL.


We sure made it look easy the first 13 weeks of the season. Besides, I said nothing about sacks. I'm talking about pressure.


We're not talking about sacks, we're talking about pressure!

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