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Eli caught in night club...

so-cal dub

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Eli Manning Shoots Himeslf in the Leg at a Nightclub

By Jon Eiseman



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eli.jpgSo it seems like Eli Manning may have just shot himself in the leg in a New York nightclub last night, but in a much sexier way than Plaxico Burress was able to do.


According to Page Six of the NY Post, Manning, his wife, and a bunch of other Giants including Shaun O'Hara, David Diehl, Amani Toomer, Brandon Jacobs, and Kevin Boss.


The Post reports, "After a few rounds of tequila shots, our spy said Eli's wife, Abby gave him a special lap dance while Beyonce's hit, 'Single Ladies,' blared". Eli's wife is smokin' hot and a lapdance from her would certainly send me the Andy Samberg route, I can't imagine how Eli Manning would have handled it.


While Eli was getting his crotch rub on, Brandon Jacobs probably spent his time plowing everything in sight.




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