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NY Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens


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So they just said that Tynes is the only kicker today :TD:



Yeah On a windy day in November should of just pupped him and used Carney the rest of the year and pick up a kicker in the off season. Yeah Tynes kicked us into the Superbowl. But there is just something about him that makes me feel he will not pull it out for us when it's on the line. I hope today is not that day. Although if it is it would be better today than if it was in Tampa <_>

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K John Carney

RB Danny Ware

CB Kevin Dockery

LB Jonathan Goff

LB Gerris Wilkinson

T Adam Koets

WR Mario Manningham

DE Jerome McDougle.


Yup Carney is out.


Moss is in though. And Webster isn't on the list so I guess he is playing.


I'm thinking we will see some deep shots taken trying to get the ball to Moss. Hopefully early too.

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