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Monday night Pre-season Game


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Not bad, I like how they went to the throw in the end zone, that looked like the one to win the Super Bowl but it was under thrown. I would like to see him in two more series and take the rest of the night off. Nice TD throw.

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Looks like the WR battle is only going to heat up...Moss actually gets sent down the field and the DB has to hold him back from making the catch for 6...some 3 or 4 plays later, Hixon runs a nice route right past(passed...?) getting two feet in for 6.

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It would be nice if the Browns stop committing stupid penalties. I would like to see an actual drive around 60-70 yards.

I don't see what the so called experts see in the Browns. They have decent players on offense, but no one to lead them. They have excellent undisciplined defense. That will lead them to many 10-6 seasons but championship teams aren't like that.


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