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Your Reigning Super Bowl Champions @ Detroit Lions 08-07-08 7:00pm


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DETROIT - Live from the place where Brett Favre led the Packers to a Thanksgiving Day romp...


Sorry, just had to do that. Especially after reading the comments on the previous entry BEGGING me to end the madness with something Giants-related. Chill, folks. You just gotta give me time to fly here from LaGuardia. (The rates out of Newark were ridicluous.)


Anyway, here's your Favre-less Giants-Lions preseason opener preview:


TONIGHT'S GAME: at Lions, 7 p.m., Ford Field, Ch. 4



I already mentioned a few in today's paper, so here are a couple more.


*LB Antonio Pierce. Not how well he plays against the run, how quickly he chases down plays to the outside or anything like that. Rather, see how well he can handle the speaker in his headset for the first time in a live game. The rule change this year will alow the play calls to be sent to his helmet. So far, it's been a tough adjustment for Pierce. "It's kind of loud," he said. "I don't have any volume control on mine, so I have to tell the coach (to pipe down a bit)." Pierce also said he's had to adjust to listening while getting the huddle together, watching for which opersonnel package is coming into the game and sneaking a peek at the offense to see who's entering their huddle. Tonight, he'll get the chance to experience it in a game for the first time. We'll see if he has any issues.


*WR Domenik Hixon. He's had a very impressive camp as a receiver for a guy who's supposed to be a special-teams contributor. I want to see if it carries over to the field. With at least four receivers out of action (Plaxico Burress, Mario Manningham, Steve Smith and David Tyree) and Amani Toomer likely to see limited action, Hixon will get an extended chance to show me, you guys and the Giants what he's got.


*LB Bryan Kehl. LBs coach Bill Sheridan mentioned him the other day as a guy who's having a great camp. Let's see how he does when the hitting goes live. Coach Tom Coughlin has been joking with Kehl that he didn't have to hit much in college at BYU because of all the passing that's done in the WAC. Kehl wants to show Coughlin he can knock heads like he's coming from the SEC or Big Ten. Kehl also told me on Monday he's still getting used to playing stacked behind the line instead of walking up as the outside guy in the 3-4. So watch him tonight to see how well he can navigate through traffic and get to the ball carrier.


*Lions RB Kevin Smith. Our boys over at MLive.com have him No. 1 on their to-watch list. He's apparently had an impressive camp, so we'll see if he can help the Lions' running game the way the other Kevin (Jones) couldn't.


*Lions CB Brian Kelly. Remember, the former Buc visited the Giants as a free agent but chose to sign with Detroit. A wise decision on his part? And does he have enough left in the tank? Not that these questions will be completely answered in a preseason game, but it's still interesting to watch. Of course, Kelly might not play at all. He's a game-time decision with a knee injury.


THE LINE: Lions by 2½. Over-under 31½.


THE PICK: The Giants are on a roll - four in a row. How can I go against that? I can't. Giants 20, Lions 17.


Enjoy the Favre press conference. I mean, the Giants-Lions game. Sorry...



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One question..why is Butler the gimp even in the game?


That was quick! So can Bob Papa not do Giants games anymore since the NFL network signed him? He always called the preseason games on tv.

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That was quick! So can Bob Papa not do Giants games anymore since the NFL network signed him? He always called the preseason games on tv.

he's at the olympics.


the lions o-line was going after our players knees like crazy.

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E. Manning 2/6 19Yds


I know it's pre-season and everything but :brooding:

We should of traded for Brett, like ESPN called him the KING of new york and like Shaun King called him a former super bowl MVP. Seriously guys i am not making up this stuff

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