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New NFL Rules Concerning UDFA's and Roster Sizes


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The Giants are allowed to take only 80 players to training camp this summer (due to the demise of NFL Europa).


At the moment, the Giants have 68 players under contract (not including the seven players they just drafted over the weekend). That leaves them 12 open spots that they’ve been trying to fill with undrafted free agents since the moment the draft ended Sunday night.


Keep in mind a few things:


1. Unless a UDFA actually signs a contract (and not just agreed to sign) they can still back out and so can the Giants - (perfect example is Gilberry who renegged and is now signed by the Redskins). Sometimes they’re only invited to rookie mini-camp (next weekend) on a tryout basis, too. In the Giants case, only DJ Hall and Nehemiah Warrick have actually "signed" a contract (to the best of my knowledge)


2. Not all UFDA's will make it to training camp, even if they do sign. The Giants still can only have 80 people on the roster at any one time, which means when the unsigned drafted players start signing contracts, cuts will have to be made if the number of UDFA's invited or signed exceeds the 80 roster limit.


By the time final cuts are made for the start of the season, it is not often that a UFDA makes the team; however, one or two sometimes do make a team which means a vet or a drafted player will have to be cut. The final roster size is limited to 57 players (53 regular players and 4 on the practice team - players on IR do not count against the roster).



According to Mike and the Mad Dog (on WFAN and YES Network), the Giants have 12 open spots available for UFDA's - this according to them after interviewing Reese, but Reese also stated that they would not take as many this year as in past years so they are being a little more selective.


Players who better have an incredible spring training and show they have something extra are Butler, Moss, Hixon, Lorenzen, Wright, etc., or they are in danger of standing in the unemployment line while flashing their brand new shiney "10 table ring" at the other shmucks in line.

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I honestly don't see how Kenny Phillips WON'T be a starter this year.


James Butler is pretty terrible

First round draft picks always make the team and get a lot of field time whether they are starters or not. When a player plays in 60% of every game and isn't a starter, it simply means the starter is given that job out of respect for the vet. If he doesn't start out the season as a starter, he'll be starting by the end of the season....barring any injuries of course.


And with Phillips and Warrick competing for a spot on the roster, you can bet Butler is history, and Tank Daniels and Blackburn might have something to worry about as well.

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