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Giants V.s Dolphins 10/28/07


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This is going to be an interesting game with the field as it is.


Yeah I head Pierce saying this morning that the feild was slick hard and fast but after seeing that diviot it looks loose to me

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A F.G. Damnit. I've been staying away from the gameday threads and wearing no fan gear during the games since week 2. Today I decide to pop in and what happens? 3 dropped sure TD's and Miami has it's only solid drive of the season. Screw this, dudes, I love ya but I'm staying away til after the game. GO GMEN!!!!

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Two plays in a row the pass could have been better. I am not going to say anythign bad about Eli but those passes need to be made.


could be the wet field making the ball wet when the ball is placed on the spot of the down by the ref's you will have to lok and see how offten they are replacing the ball with a dry one

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