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Interview with Brandon London


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Nem let me....so if you got a problem, take it up with him....




Even after their last selection in the 2007 NFL Draft, the New York Giants were busy calling undrafted college players, attempting to lure them to signing with the Giants.


One of the first players the Giants ended up signing was Brandon London, a wide receiver from the University of Massachusetts. The 6’4” Minuteman scored 15 touchdowns in his collegiate career, nine coming in his senior season. Some compare London to Saints’ rookie sensation Marques Colston of last year as they are similar players from smaller schools.


I recently had the chance to talk to Brandon about the upcoming season and his opinions about playing for the New York Giants…


Brian Anderson: First off, thanks you agreeing to this interview…let’s get right into it. A lot of draft guys didn’t profile you…what can you tell me about your skills and your college career?

Brandon London: I think I’m a solid receiver with my game, I know what I need to work on. As far as catching, blocking, running after the catch, going up for the ball, I mean, I have no problem doing any of those things. But I know there are lot things in my game I need to work on, especially coming from a smaller school up to the NFL.


BA: Now some receivers aren't known for being "physical" - why is that such an important part of your game?

BL: The way I see it, me being physical, it helps the team wins. The last 4 years I got to block for Steve Baylark and he’s been rushing for 5,000 yards. You could see the success we had last year with all the receivers blocking downfield, Baylark had one of his best years. The way I see it, if the O-Linemen gonna block, if every play they’re going stick their nose into it and fight and block then there’s no reason why receivers shouldn’t try and block. Especially when a safety – if you go across the middle a safety wants to take your head off – so the way you get them back, when they not looking, crackback ‘em.


BA: Now your father is a football coach right?

BL: Yeah he’s a defensive coordinator at University of Virginia and two years ago he was the D-Line coach for the Houston Texans.


BA: How has he helped you prepare for your game?

BL: Oh man, he’s been helping me prepare since I was big enough to pick up a football. We watched tape together, he put me through drills, when I was young I used to be on the jug machine. And just being able to pick his brain and learn about football is just a blessing.


BA: What other teams expressed interest in you after the draft?

BL: Giants, Falcons, Dolphins, Ravens, Eagles, and there was couple more, but after a while I just stopped paying attention to it.


BA: So why did you pick to sign with the Giants?

BL: Because Couch Sullivan came up in 20 degree weather, in a snowstorm, to come work me out at my Pro Day. I exchanged a couple emails with him after that and the things he taught me at that Pro Day within just that little bit of time I felt real comfortable with him and obviously Giants would be a great situation to be in.


BA: How do you feel about playing with Eli Manning?

BL: Oh man that’s gonna be great. Obviously he’s on the rise. This year, next year, whenever will be one his breakout season and I just hope I can be a part of that.


BA: What player in the NFL would you compare yourself to?

BL: I mean, this might sound, ya know, corny, but probably Plaxico Burress with some Larry Fitzgerald in there.


BA: So enough with football, let me know a little bit about the real Brandon London. You go to a restaurant or something, what do you sit down and order?

BL: A big fa…hold on, hold on. Am I allowed to pay for it? Is it going on someone else’s tab?


BA: Someone else is paying for it. Whatever you want is yours. What do you get?

BL: Oh man, a big, fat steak. The biggest steak that I can get. Probably some Gatorade too.


BA: So you’re coming to the best city in the world. Ever been to New York City?

BL: Well I’ve been there once…no twice. Once for a wedding, and the other I went there with my ex-girlfriend. We went to the 40/40 Club. It was crazy man, just crazy. Ya know, I’m from Virginia so none of the cities there are that big. New York was just crazy but I like it, I’m gonna enjoy playing there.


BA: So let’s say you spend a few years in the league. What are you going to do after football?

BL: Probably going into coaching, like my father. I love football so I’ll want to stay with it, just coaching it. When all is said and done, I’m a student of the game, ya know?


BA: So it sounds like your dad is one of your biggest role models. Who else and why?

BL: Well my father, my mother, my uncles, my aunts. Everyone, man. My mom just has this strength and I think I bring that on the field.


BA: Okay, last question Brandon. You real excited for training camp?

BL: You know it man, I’m excited to play with the guys. I won’t be preparing for New Hampshire or anyone like that, I’m gonna be getting ready for the Cowboys and stuff. I’m working hard to improve myself and get ready for camp.



After the interview, I wished Brandon luck both in rookie camp and training camp. He said thank you and then took over as the interviewer.


BL: You gonna be up there? At training camp I mean.

BA: I’m not too sure man, I gotta figure out days and stuff. But I hope I’ll be there.


BL: Well I hope to see you, gimme a call if you’re up there. Later bro.


Brandon then hung up, leaving me to ask the following question over and over in my head: Anyone up for a road trip to Albany this summer?

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If you believe you can do better, go to talk Brandon London.


Until then, shut the fuck up.

i'm not going to. so if you don't like it.... leave.


funny, you return in the same week you left last year. which also coincides with a virus that shut us down for 3 days.


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Again, if you can do better, go ahead. I'm at least getting these interviews, what are you doing?


And no, I did not spread a virus.

who asked you to do a column on scrub of the week? no one i know.


we'll know if we get a virus attack again this weekend....

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who asked you to do a column on scrub of the week? no one i know.


we'll know if we get a virus attack again this weekend....


I hope De Ossie's not a scrub. We usually have better luck with our middle round picks.

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who asked you to do a column on scrub of the week? no one i know.


we'll know if we get a virus attack again this weekend....


Trust me, I'm trying to get the big guys...it's just not as easy.


BTWs, got an interview with Kevin Boss in the near future...is he the scrub of the week too?

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