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    Got a pretty sweet Marques Colston fantasy football thing, but nothing about Eli Manning.
  2. I thought 6'7" Kevin was funny. He laughed when he said it, I actually think he likes it. And I don't work at a paper, I'm an internet "journalist,", no biggie.
  3. Not the best one I've done, but he was an interesting guy... http://www.ny-footballgiants.com/columns/author/14/ Nem, lock if you feel necessary.
  4. And I figured I'd ask my favorite people here at SW if they had any questions for him.
  5. I say I write for ny-footballgiants.com
  6. I ask and they say yes. Really not much to it.
  7. Trust me, I'm trying to get the big guys...it's just not as easy. BTWs, got an interview with Kevin Boss in the near future...is he the scrub of the week too?
  8. Again, if you can do better, go ahead. I'm at least getting these interviews, what are you doing? And no, I did not spread a virus.
  9. If you believe you can do better, go to talk Brandon London. Until then, shut the fuck up.
  10. Nem let me....so if you got a problem, take it up with him.... http://www.ny-footballgiants.com/columns/author/14/
  11. Ya know, I try to do something nice for this board by posting something I thought people would find interesting and I get bashed and made fun of for it. Forget it...the rest of the interviews I do, I'm not posting it here. I would even offer it up to guys to give me questions, but I don't even want to now.
  12. Hey Nem, I got another one...post it or no?
  13. I just did another interview...should I even bother posting it here if this is going to happen again?
  14. Honestly, what did I ever do to you?
  15. No, it actually was. Got one with another Giant, but I guess I won't post it here.
  16. Next year. The kid has talent.
  17. Kiwi is way to small to see any extended time at DT as well.
  18. Wait...is he saying Westbrook is better than Tiki?
  19. Giants might have the strongest DE unit in all of football...I disagree
  20. Now if only they banned you too, maybe we'd actually have some Giants discussion here.
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