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Toomer to Walk in Strahan's shoes


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No Kids, No Marriage: Giants Toomer Will Divorce Wife Over Abortions

Posted Feb 26th 2007 11:30AM by Dan Benton

Filed under: NFC East, New York



New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer is filing for divorce from his wife,

Yola Dabrowski, because she will not have his children. According to

the report, Dabrowski has gone back on her agreement to mother Toomer's

children and has gone as far as abortion at least four times.



a judge upholds Toomer's case, which claims fraud, Dabrowski will not

see a penny of Toomer's millions. The trial itself is set to begin

tomorrow in Hudson County, New Jersey and could drag on for quite some

time. There is no doubt in my mind that this could become as public and ugly as Michael Strahan's divorce.



Toomer's suit he claims the two discussed and agreed to a large family

prior to marriage and that "false promise was never delivered." He also

went on to add that she does not cook, clean or medicate - she suffers

from depression. Finally, he added that she refused to change her last

name to Toomer and that she "disrespected [his] integrity and manhood."

Naturally Dabrowski wants half of the marital assets and permanent



Allow me to add my two cents here. When Toomer married

a woman suffering from depression, who didn't cook or clean and refused

to change her name ... well, he should have known right then where this

party was headed. For his sake [and based on the accusations] I hope

she gets nothing but that's just not the way it works ... ever.

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He is like every dumb sap out there (including me) when it comes to pretty/beautiful women that we fall in love with. For some reason we actually believe that the beatific smiles that they turn onto us after we say something indicates agreement. Hell Fucking No. It means that she is reeling your ass in until the contract is signed and half of your past, present and a good slice of the future belongs to her undeserving ass. In this case she is a licensed chiropracter and is supposedly studying law....so I think she can support herself don't ya think. <_< But like you said Love is a four letter word when it comes to divorce court. From what I read I think she is genuinely depressed but I can also infer that Tooms had a couple of self-esteem issues there too. He has a choice of women and he picks an admittedly depressed one who ingratiates herself with his family and then tries to tell the world he forced me to interact with them. Is it not usually the other way around .... where the men are forced to interact with her relatives. All things being equal I could see this chick getting a payoff....but the former Mrs. Strahan would drop dead and die before she got a cent from me. <_<

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I don't blame her...She suffer from mental issues and he wants her to change her to Toomer.

To tell you the truth I think they are both a little off kilter there.....if they had really given the marriage counseling a real good try I bet we would not be hearing and/or writing about them now. They looked like a handsome couple ....really in love there. Strahan's wife always struck me as a talentless gold digging bitch....and Mike as the dumbest guy on the planet with the worst pre-nuptial agreement ever crafted in this dimension. :P

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1617250.jpg Toomer got away from her unscaved :flex:


Splitsville: Toomer and Dabrowski Officially Part Ways

Posted Mar 1st 2007 7:21AM by Dan Benton

Filed under: NY Giants, NFC East, NFL Gossip, New York


amani-toomer-240.jpgThe Giants Amani Toomer was worried about too much dirty laundry potentially being aired in what appeared was going to be a very nasty divorce. Luckily for him things went smooth and after two days of closed door negotiations he and now ex-wife, Yola Dabrowski, were granted a divorce. After the settlement was reached, Toomer was seen pumping his fists in the air in celebration.


"It wasn't great for me and it wasn't great for her. You just kind of meet in the middle and that's how these things get resolved," Toomer said. "I'm ready to move on."

The marriage will come to an end after four years of what appeared to be very bizarre behavior on both sides. Dabrowski had been accused of going back on her promise of a big family, which included having four abortions that Toomer did not agree to. According to the divorce papers she also refused to take Toomer's last name and would not cook or clean.


Dabrowski had plenty of material to fire back with however. She claimed that Toomer was "unduly demanding sex." She also claimed that when she refused she would face "punishment." According to Dabrowski, Toomer would urinate on her cloths if she denied him and once threw her blackberry into the Hudson River. He was also accused of stealing her computer full of files during her first year of law school.




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The Jersey Journal • Subscribe

• Today's Paper & More



Wild claims, counterclaims in Giants' star divorce fight

Tuesday, February 27, 2007




The lurid details of the wrecked marriage of New York Giants star receiver Amani Toomer will be aired today in Hudson County Superior Court.


Toomer and Yola Dabrowski lived in a townhouse at the Brownstones on Regency Place in Weehawken during their marriage woes; Toomer has since moved out and now lives in a townhouse on Albany Court facing the Hudson River in West New York.







There was no answer at either residence yesterday.


Toomer is asking for an annulment of his marriage to Dabrowski, a 34-year-old chiropractor he married in Las Vegas on Oct. 19, 2002. Dabrowski is asking for a divorce - which would entitle her to alimony as well as half the marital assets. But if the marriage is annulled, she won't get anything.


Toomer, in court papers filed last March 15, says the marriage should be annulled because it was a "fraud" - before the wedding, he said, they agreed to have a big family. But after they said "I do," Toomer said his wife then refused to have children - and even had at least three abortions without his knowledge or consent.


Toomer "was devastated to find out that (Dabrowski) terminated all of the pregnancies without his consent and for no reason whatsoever," court papers say.


The Giants' all-time leading receiver also accused Dabrowski of bringing "other people into her life to the exclusion of (himself) and to disrespect (his) integrity and manhood."


He said his wife refused to travel with him, didn't support him and acted like attending games was chore. Even when she did watch him play, he said, she wasn't supportive - she once "had the audacity to poke fun at (him) when he made a catch (and) stumbled without being tackled."


But Dabrowski, in her court papers, says their marriage was destroyed by Toomer's insecurity, paranoia, irrationality and outrageous behavior.


She said he was "unduly demanding" for sex - once urinating on her clothing when she wasn't in the mood, Dabrowski's counter complaint says. On another occasion he grabbed her BlackBerry and threw it into the Hudson River, she said.


She said she didn't want to have a baby with Toomer because she didn't think he'd be there - "emotionally or physically" - for the family.


"(Toomer's) complete lack of accountability and inability to conceive the responsibilities associated with raising a child became apparent," court papers say.


She said Toomer sabotaged her law career by stealing her computer on the eve of her first-year finals, and that he expected so much of her - requiring her to organize his schedules, activities, events and deal with his publicists, agents and accountants, while at the same time cooking, cleaning and running household errands - that her career as a chiropractor suffered.


But Toomer "routinely promised" she would be rewarded "now and in the future," and would share the "financial prosperity derived from his football career" and "income and investments presently and forever," the court papers said.


Toomer is in the middle of a five-year, $20 million contract with the New York Giants. Dabrowski is currently getting $11,000 a month as temporary support.


Toomer's attorney, Robert L. Penza, of Roseland, and Dabrowski's attorney, Thomas J. Snyder of Denville, could not be reached for comment yesterday.


Today's hearing is at 10:30 a.m. in Family Judge Maureen Mantineo's courtroom.



can you belive that she said she didn't think he would be supportive with his childeren ? apparently she did not visit http://www.amani.com/foundation.html . come on you'r husband has a foundation to help kids but you dont think he would suport his own kids ? loser ......... I am glad Amani got away from her . oh some questions . the $11,000 a month is being payed by Amani so now that stops right? shouldnt she owe him back????

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