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  1. I am sure if someone from here who frequents that site posted something they found interesting on SW, it probably wouldn't be an issue. If said member posted 100 links back to SW, yeah, I'm sure it would be an issue.
  2. What if a different member was browsing that site, and posted a link? Would that be advertising as well? I see your point, honestly I do, but for the moment it's nothing more than a member posting a link to a Giants related article.
  3. I agree with you, but one article doesn't equate to trolling. People link articles/interviews from all over the web, we don't have a problem with that. As far as Gregg goes, his site was his ONLY source of info, and it was blatant trolling.
  4. Actually, you're right, and I am a chief offender. I recind my 1st post (I could just edit/delete it, but that would be kind of cowardly), as I mistook Go_Eli for one of the other 'Eli' names. And in reality, I was taking a cheap shot at Nem, but as I said, I had the wrong poster. I apologize, I was wrong. Members link Giants.com, BBI, and every other resource found on the web, linking to the original interview is no big deal, and shouldn't be. And our own 'rules of engagement' say members can advertise in their sig's, so there is no issue with that either.
  5. Nem, bro, I love you but you've got to be kidding me, right? This was one of the members calling for the Fab 4 to be banned, and was thought to be one of the 'elite' posters, and is now advertising for another board...and you're effectively kissing his ass???? Give me a break. Certainly people are free to link references all over the web, but we all know what is really going on here, not all of us failed message board 101, as some might think.
  6. C'mon now....YOU are much more entertaining after the Gmen blow the first series: Game announcer: "The Giants have certainly come out cold to start the game. 3 pass attempts and a predictable run on 3rd and 24...this could be a long day for the Gmen". SoCal: "FUCK!!! THIS TEAM SUCKS!!!! COUGHLIN SUCKS!!!! FIRE (Insert staff member here) NOW!!!!!!!!!! DO IT, GET IT DONE, OUR SEASON IS OVER!!!!!! Meanwhile, midway thru the 3rd qtr: Game announcer: "The Giants have certainly warmed up after a slow start. Eli is 25 of 29 and 3 TD's, and Jacobs has one of his own. Special teams has completely stopped any advancement and left the opposition no further than their own 30 all day". SoCal: "This is the best team EVER assembled. I knew all along we could pull this one off, good job Gmen".
  7. Leach is out of the picture. Texans Match Offer for Leach
  8. Why is everyone so hopped up on who we have or haven't signed? Or how mediocre the free agent talent is this year? Or 'why didn't we get him first'? The Eagles were going to sign a WR regardless after losing Stallworth. The significance of this signing is that a division rival now has a WR that potentially will burn the Giants secondary. "Good move for the Eagles, bad news for us".....absolutely, but not because the Giants didn't get him first, but because they got a player who will produce for them for at least 2 games in '07.
  9. Yup.......Curtis against our secondary is definately bad news for us, no argument there.
  10. Why not fill the WR hole made by Carter's departure with Walker? I mean, the argument seems to be that he is fast, and has hands, but can't cover, and commits too many penalties. If he's going to get cut/traded anyway, why not fill a hole from within?
  11. It's GERRIS WILKINSON #59 . I thought it was WilkERson as well, but (not surprisingly), I am wrong.
  12. We'll draft the next Jerry Rice in the 5th round this year. Unfortunately, he won't be recognized as the next Jerry Rice until we trade him in 2 years, ironically, to the 49'ers.
  13. That's what you get for talking out of your ass. :::::chirp::::::: ::::::::chirp::::::::
  14. I know breaking the bank this free agency is crazy, but I found this little tidbit from that link interesting: I've suspected the same thing since mid-January, in this post: And this one as well: While the market prices are insane, I cannot believe that if it were not for Coughlin being the HC, we would have signed someone, anyone at this point in time. It sure looks like Reese is setting up Coughlin to fail.
  15. Reese is waiting for the Briggs situation to become T.O.-esque. He will then draft 2 players in the 2nd and 3rd rounds that Chicago like, and trade those players and next year's 3rd for Briggs. All the restructuring is in anticipation of having to pay Briggs big money once the trade is done. Watch.
  16. Nothing to write home about, but it got the job done. Crap, yes. Fruity, no. Maraschino cherries no less. Geez, I make one post with a few mistakes in it, and everyone thinks I'm drunk, what the hell?
  17. Ha, I already figured that one out in this alcohol induced post.
  18. It was Vodka. Looking back at it, yeah, I guess I was mistaken. I guess we can go 4-12, and instead of trading Eli to Arizona, it will be San Diego in an ironic twist of fate. Damn the Vodka, damn, damn, damn.....
  19. The Giants aren't signing anyone significant this year. We will cheap out 2007 signing other teams cast-offs and injured players. We will leave Coughlin basically with what we've got right now, go 3-13, and fire Coughlin at the end of '07. We will trade Eli to Arizona for multiple draft picks, go into '08 with a ton of cap room and draft picks, hire Belichick or Cowher, and then let the spending spree begin, starting with snagging Alex Smith away from San Fran. Gmen beat the Texans in Superbowl XLIII 42-17. With a winning team, we are quiet in 2009's free agency, but with the picks from Arizona we shore up our needs and repeat as superbowl champions in XLIV beating the Bengals 31-21. BTW, Superbowl XLII will be won by San Fran over the Jaguars 27-20 on a last minute INT by Nate Clements, proving an $80 mil contract will win you a superbowl.
  20. We must be holding out for Corey Dillon.
  21. Thanks, I pinned that one as well. BTW, nice find...there's always alot of questions about this subject this time of year, thanks again.
  22. Ok, done. Now, can I ask if you would please make the same thread in the "General Football" forum for those that don't visit the Gmen section? I can't figure out how to 'copy and paste' the whole thread, and didn't want to poach your subject matter. Thanks.
  23. Lug, dude, I fell for it as well and searched all over the place looking for confirmations until I realized the title of the thread. These are 'fantasy' scenerios in Madden the video game. Reaper even posted this thread in the 'comments and critics' section. For those 'in the know' about Madden, I imagine this thread means something. BTW, I don't know where or how you get your info/links so quickly from, but please, keep on posting the real deal bro, I check this section regularly just to see what you've dug up. Thanks for your contributions.
  24. It's not mine....I poached it from VG.
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