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  1. Plus, Guests can't access General Discussion so they wouldn't see a gameday thread.
  2. Subway Series Part Deux. And we all know who will walk away with that one.
  3. He's right, it should not be team specific. It should have like a Beach feel to it.
  4. We'd expect nothing less from you, So Cal, nothing less.
  5. I was thinking the same thing, but once I change it, Dallas will be a beast against Washington. It's like the answer to the question: "How do you stop 85"? Answer: "You put him on Rik's team".
  6. I've got Dallas and SD for D. I started Dallas.
  7. Good God...actual discussion going on...you're all suspended.
  8. Monday he retires................Thursday he un-retires and is talking to the Patriots.
  9. Jeez, man, I gotta tell ya...I thought you were gonna make my name over the pics, but holy crap, as usual, you have outdone yourself. It's great...perfect as is, I love it. Thanks alot, I appreciate you taking the time to make it. Well done.
  10. It's not a problem, dude. Whenever you get a chance is fine. I understand about life being hectic, trust me.
  11. Absolutely...no rush...I appreciate it.
  12. Time for me to grow up and get a real sig. I've admired your work for years now, so, you're the lucky recipient of the request. (No offence to any of our other fine graphics crew....Hell, if Nesta blows it, I'll be eating crow and asking one of you instead ). Anyway....I like what you did with your Marley sig, where the name is over a pic (like Gorilla's), so that is the style I would like. I don't have any specific pics in mind, maybe a Yankees and Giants logo as the background (things that signify NY), and I prefer blue if possible. I also like what you recently did with JerseyJint's sig, where the border is animated. I hope that's kind of specific without being too specific if you know what I mean. I like your creativity and don't want to hinder it, so whatever you come up with is cool with me. No rush, my man, thanks in advance.
  13. I know it's not my sig, but, god damn you do good work. That sig is sweet...and I'm a Yankees fan.
  14. Since when does "Madden" feature the CFL's Training camp?
  15. Yeah, I pop over there every now and then, but it isn't the same. I've been registered over there since 2000, and I've seen alot of changes. What's happened over there is an absolute shame. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to alot of football stuff (salary cap, drafting, etc.), but I'm not as ignorant as I once was, and that is due mostly to posters like Money, Hank, etc. who never bashed someone who wanted to learn something, or made a stupid comment. All I'm saying is it would be nice to have those "old" days back, and hopefully, this section gets off the ground.
  16. Excellent post, Money. One word of caution concerning recruiting people though. Recruiting people through PM's is known as "PM Advertising", and it is in most boards rules (including this one), that it is an offence worthy of warning/banning/suspension. My guess is, unless the people you are PM'ing complain, nobody will know. I suspect if a member PM's someone from another board, they know they are cool, and it shouldn't be a problem. Just wanted everyone to be aware so we don't get the "I was banned at such and such a site" threads. I hope this section flourishes, I miss the old days in TAGF.
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