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  1. all this and yet he handled his exit with class and thank d the fans and the org. Sounds like he’s grown- or he has good folks representing him. Either way, it’s good judgement.
  2. ayup... i hope he kills it in Miami..
  3. We've been pretty futile in high draft picks for a long, long time. Our motto is "Hey, at least we're not the Jets!"
  4. yeah, big contracts on marginal guys. Futures pretty bleak right now. CEO wife beating bleak...
  5. Works for us, we have A ball players out there. Rays pulled a Reverse Gettleman on us with Longoria. The worse thing is now the yankees arent going to offer much for Snot Rocket.
  6. Media is totally wrong about the reach. If that's your QB, then don't mess around waiting for someone to pick him off. It's the "blooming love" pick itself that sucks.
  7. Im sorry - I had to match the ridiculousness of the comment above mine.
  8. Quote: Somebody shoot me...He said upon learning he was drafted by a team that chose Dave Brown 2.0
  9. see what you did there. And I agree. Hes a great player
  10. What he said plus I see us top 10 at the draft 2020.
  11. This QB draft was like 3 am at the bar and 3 drunk, ugly women are left. Giants maybe went home with the least disgusting... and approached her way too early...
  12. but you know NFL is cyclical and it only takes one coach to see the corners cheating in and exploit that. Then everyone else copies. Well those with a decent QB anyway.
  13. cant a guy who can throw a long ball also throw 6 yards?
  14. btw, throw lefties at us, we are dead.
  15. Well if this doesn't fill you with confidence I don't know what will... https://www.sny.tv/video/2524642783/gettleman-shurmur-on-jones-pick Gettleman is saying he fell in love with jones in 3 series at the senior bowl. Then he went to see what was on the buffet. That's hard study right there. And Shurmur? he's just devoid of meaningful syntax. We got trouble, right here in River City...
  16. Guy cant catch a break...at least hell be near good deli.
  17. Btw I think the Jets took Rockys monkey with Blair Thomas
  18. Ah yes, didnt have my glasses on. Dick Lynch ( also 22) held the record for interceptions/ season for quite a while.
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