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  1. You're talking about the owners, I thought this was about the GMs? Of course not every team has the Yes Network. Re; Giants- I agree, who is the Giants GM?
  2. Ironic thay you use the term luxury. Considering what these teams work with as far as payroll, I give credit to them for just being close. Look, my team, the team of this decade, spent like a drunken sailor and has zero to show for it so o And the TB GM gets extra points for unloading Longoria when he went off the juice or whatever happened. Beane finds players to get them there. What happens after that is a crap shoot.
  3. I was speaking of Steiny. Since you brought it up whoever runs Tampa Bay has to be the best, followed by Milwaukee and Billy Beane
  4. Don't forget the Asshole in charge.
  5. Yankees- short on assholes? What Bizarre world is this, Superman?
  6. Yankees- short on assholes? What Bizarre world is this, Superman?
  7. Is Edwin trade bait for Snot Rocket?
  8. Sounds like Blooming Love is everywhere....
  9. Non-story anyone who still has a beef with tiki (besides his ex wife) needs a life. Hes been humbled.
  10. He kicked our ass fairly regularly. I thought he was a a plus player.
  11. Always had a suspicion that Seph was really Jeff Hostetler...
  12. Accuracy? Tate went to the Giants....
  13. You didn't answer the first question. So if Golden Tate catches a pass in practice and says Eli throws a nice ball- is that a slight on Carson Wentz?
  14. Davis Webb is to Nas as Jesse Palmer is to _________
  15. Nas, what is the proper period of mourning before you can compliment your current QB?
  16. I mustve missed the part about Eli- can you point me to it? Youre foolish for falling for headlines, Nas
  17. oh my goodness- you’re right he must be crazy to say his QB throws the ball hard. Call Bellevue
  18. I don't hate any of the moves besides OBJ because he's irreplaceable. And of course the Full Bloom Love pick.
  19. Freaking Pettigout ole d his block on the final play. Great pass to Toom...On second glance, it wasnt Pettigout but f him.
  20. You think it had something to do with his crime being illegal contributions to said Politician?
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